Racial Equity

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What We Believe

We must insist on real change.
And, we need your help.

Black Americans suffer from police brutality and crippling fear caused by systemic racism and implicit bias that is ingrained in our legal system, law enforcement institutions, and countless other facets of American life.

This is unacceptable. Black Lives Matter. We have a responsibility to act.

Read the full statement from State Bar Leadership

What We're Doing

Stepping Up
While issues of race in the justice system are at the forefront of many State Bar efforts, we know we must do more. The State Bar is facilitating discussions with leaders in the legal community to quickly develop actionable steps to combat racial injustice and disparities, advance equal justice, and promote diversity and inclusion. You will hear more shortly.

Addressing Disparities by Advancing Policy Priorities
The State Bar has been working to address disparities throughout Wisconsin’s justice system, including issues related to expungement, bail reform, juvenile justice, civil legal aid funding, exoneree compensation, and adequate investment in the justice system. See our policy priorities and help take action.

Building Awareness of Mass & Disparate Incarceration in Wisconsin
When Wisconsin rose to the top in the nation for the highest incarceration rates of African-Americans, the State Bar convened a symposium of community leaders. The result was an education program and advocacy focus on how Wisconsin might change this course. Read more.

Redoubling Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion​
The State Bar is deliberate and intentional in its efforts to bring diverse voices to the table to influence conversations and policy decisions. It is a focus of the State Bar's guiding principles and strategic priorities. But, there’s more to do.

Staying Accountable
An Action Plan ensures our accountability in creating a culture that attracts and engages diverse leaders and staff in all aspects of the organization’s work. In addition, an oversight committee, along with committed leadership and staff, work together to advance diversity and inclusion.

Share Your Ideas

We welcome your ideas on how the State Bar can combat racial injustice! Contact org mwiltse wisbar Mike Wiltse, Public Relations Specialist, at org mwiltse wisbar wisbar mwiltse org.​​​​​

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