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Since the client has had a long affiliation with the society and is a State Bar member, it is unlikely the bequest would be questioned ... As a precaution the attorney might consider ...
MEMORANDUM OPINIONS 6/77 A © July 1998, State Bar of Wisconsin CLE Books 115
Consequently, an attorney who is a party in a divorce action should not respond to a subpoena requiring that s/he produce trust account records ...
The basic inquiry should be whether the arrangement is such that it is clear to the public the law offices and other businesses are entirely separate and independent entities ...
It would be desirable to include a caution that the article is intended to be general and not advisory, and that questions about application to a reader’s specific situation ...
It would be desirable for the attorney to indicate the number of hours of service contemplated by his/her bid, and the amount that would be charged hourly for additional time ...
MEMORANDUM OPINIONS 12/77 © July 1998, State Bar of Wisconsin CLE Books 125

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