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Indian water rights law is complex, meandering through federal Indian law and several relatively distinct but interrelated legal doctrines. The likelihood of more disputes about water quality and quantity makes it especially important for lawyers in Wisconsin, home to several Indian tribes, to understand the relevant legal doctrines and concepts.
By Prof. Richard Monette
Children are being removed from parents with substance use disorders at an alarming rate. Applying a treatment court model to help these families reunify might make sense for them and their communities. Read about the principles and structure surrounding family drug treatment courts, and some of the successes of and obstacles to implementing such a court in one Wisconsin county.
By Hon. Thomas John Walsh
Many water quality problems exist because a substance that was unknown or seemed harmless decades ago now is recognized as a pollutant. In the 21st century, state legislators and regulators and nongovernmental entities have devised ways to prevent or minimize pollution that previously was unfettered.
By Vanessa Disbrow Wishart & Jane Riessen Landretti
Since early 2020, an unusual number of cases have reached the Wisconsin Supreme Court by original-action jurisdiction. Whether this historically uncommon path will remain more popular depends on whether a majority of the court perceives that emergency situations require quick and decisive action.
By Colin Thomas Roth

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  • A typed up voicemail message can be referred to when making a response to the caller. But Dean Dietrich urges cautious. There may be concerns about the verbatim message being introduced in a trial setting, but that is more an evidentiary issue than it is an ethics issue.

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