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Illinois is among the states attempting to regulate business use and handling of biometric identifiers. Although Illinois has not attempted to regulate out-of-state biometric information, skilled lawyers have extended liability to businesses outside Illinois – including in Wisconsin. 95 Wis. Law. 16 (November 2022)
By David Perry Hollander
Transnational marriage abandonment (TMA) occurs when an abuser abandons their victim-spouse in that victim-spouse’s country of origin, without means to return to the United States. Wisconsin lawyers should familiarize themselves with TMA and be prepared to use innovative legal strategies outlined here to empower survivors. 95 Wis. Law. 22 (November 2022)
By Kelsey Mullins
The special privileges associated with ownership of shoreland real estate are called riparian rights, and they are not absolute. Read about the categories of riparian rights and significant cases and statutes affecting Wisconsin's riparian-rights laws. 95 Wis. Law. 28 (November 2022)
By Mary Elizabeth Peranteau
These forward thinkers are advancing the legal profession and serving the public. This year we honor Lifetime Innovator Michael Rust and other lawyers whose innovations focus on technology and access. 95 Wis. Law. 34 (November 2022)
By Ed Finkel

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  • President's Message
  • Videoconferencing Promotes Justice for All
  • Margaret Hickey says allowing lawyers and clients to attend some hearings by videoconference saves time and money, reduces nonappearances, and makes the legal system more accessible.
  • Your State Bar
  • Stepping Up for Democracy and the Rule of Law
  • Larry Martin invites members to suggest how the State Bar and the profession can best promote and ensure the survival of democracy, in the United States and worldwide.
  • 101
  • What a Jury Consultant Can Do For You
  • Jeffrey Goodman explains that the best jury consulting teams pair the wisdom and intuition of a trial lawyer's on-the-ground experience with the data of a behavioral social scientist to provide accurate insight about how people think and make decisions.
  • As I See It
  • Standardizing Wisconsin Motion Practice – and Calendaring in General
  • A system that operates according to contradictory or nonexistent rules is inherently inefficient. The lack of standardized rules for some elements of civil procedure hampers legal-system participants in Wisconsin, but the problems could easily be rectified. Ryan Simatic offers some solutions.
  • Solutions
  • Legal Resources: Researching Riparian Rights
  • Jenny Zook introduces lawyers to general, Wisconsin, and federal resources concerning riparian rights: water rights related to ownership of land next to surface water.
  • Final Thought
  • After the Feast
  • Starlyn Rose Tourtillott Miller, a Little Shell Chippewa tribal member and direct descendant of Menominee and Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nations, invites readers to join her at the table to plan a brighter future together.

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