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Four lawyers talk about the challenges of recruiting and retaining diverse lawyers. Challenges include getting leadership buy-in and the necessary resources, addressing implicit bias when setting salaries and assigning work, and knowing where and how to recruit the lawyers you want. Read what these lawyers advise.
By Ed Finkel
The Wisconsin Legislature's 2018 extraordinary session marked the final weeks of Scott Walker's gubernatorial service. The resulting legislation made many changes to Wisconsin law and almost immediately drew challenges in the form of lawsuits. This article summarizes some of the acts' most noteworthy provisions and discusses pending lawsuits.
By Andrew C. Cook
When she leaves the bench in July, Justice Shirley Abrahamson will have served 43 years on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, capping a career as the first woman on the court and the longest-serving justice in state history. Here's a brief look at her legacy.
By Joe Forward

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Strong Leadership Ahead
  • By helping to develop tomorrow's leaders, Chris Rogers says the State Bar is ensuring the continued strength and relevance of the legal profession in Wisconsin.
  • Your State Bar
  • Passing the Gavel
  • Executive Director Larry Martin says all State Bar presidents leave a mark and move the organization forward to help support members, the legal system, and the public.
  • Solutions
  • Third-party Visitation: A Historical Perspective
  • When crafting an approach to third-party visitation, Mark Fremgen and Gregg Herman say, appellate courts should keep in mind the harm to children's interests created by litigation itself.
  • On Balance
  • Three Pathways Lead to Happy Lawyers
  • Paula Davis-Laack says autonomy, mastery, and connection to others correlate more strongly with lawyers’ long-term well-being than do money, prestige, and status.

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