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In January 2017, the U.S. DOT designated U.W.-Madison as one of 10 proving grounds for testing AVs and test projects are underway. The authors review the federal regulations and recommendations, and analyze areas for opportunities for Wisconsin lawyers resulting from the emergence of AVs on Wisconsin’s roadways.
By Arthur J. Harrington & Stevin Sunny George
Despite its proximity and long history of complicated interactions with the United States, Cuba still is a stranger to many U.S. citizens. A State Bar-sponsored trip in February helps dispel some of the mystery for a group of Wisconsin lawyers.
By Joe Forward
Reports from counties in which all courthouse visitors are screened prove that dangerous implements are coming to the doors of Wisconsin’s courthouses, and screening inside is interdicting many of those implements. The author urges screening at all courthouse entrances.
By Hon. Thomas John Walsh

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  • Chris Rogers says service on a legislative study committee is an important and influential way for lawyers to contribute to the lawmaking process.
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  • Being on Twitter has given executive director Larry Martin a pulse on the communities where he lives and work.
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  • Export Control: Your Client May Be Subject to Regulation
  • Bethany Nelson explains any time a client has controlled items, technology, or data, proper measures must be taken to ensure that any foreign persons' access is authorized by law. More clients may be subject to regulation than you might expect.
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  • Time Management 101: Let's Get Real
  • Gretchen Viney provides the basics for finding a realistic time management system you can stick to while complying with the ethics rules and building your business.

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