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    • Under the Radar: Human Trafficking in Wisconsin
    • Many people, including lawyers, do not realize the extent of human trafficking, in Wisconsin and nationwide. The authors shed light on this industry, explain the challenges victims face in the legal system, and describe how lawyers can help victims rebuild their lives.
    • "Badger State Infamy"
      Wisconsin's Early Sex Trade
    • Wisconsin is home to the first anti-trafficking campaign in United States history. This campaign, against what was then called “white slavery,” arose in response to the thriving sex trade that developed around the prosperous logging and mining industries of Northern Wisconsin in the 1880s.
    • Recreational Liability: Plaintiff-friendly Standards Remain
    • The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s 2016 decision in Roberts v. T.H.E. Ins. Co. shows that the justices disagree on the limits of the recreational liability statute, but overall their standards still favor injured parties, especially in situations in which waivers are deficient, in substance or process. The author discusses challenges practitioners face following Roberts and offers practice tips.
    • New Partnership Tax Audit Rules Require Action
    • New rules effective after Dec. 31, 2017, not only will affect clients, but also potentially the entity in which the law firm itself conducts business. Existing partnership instruments likely will need to be modified. Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Your State Bar
  • A Conversation We Can't Avoid
  • The State Bar is opening doors of opportunity for new attorneys and attorneys of diverse backgrounds. Larry Martin invites you to take part in that effort.
  • As I See It
  • Keep the Dreams Alive: Preserve DACA
  • John Sesini and Ben Crouse argue ending protection from deportation for certain undocumented immigrants would pose heavy burdens on individual employers and businesses and harm the U.S. economy.
  • Technology
  • Top Five Security Controls for Corporate Counsel Evaluations
  • Security wasn’t usually a major factor in a corporation’s decision whether to hire a law firm, and law firms used to fly under the radar when it came to questions about keeping client data secure. Joe Kelly says that has all changed.
  • Final Thought
  • Choices
  • Bill Thedinga says the choices that were most important to him weren’t his choices; they were choices by others.
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