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Violence and aggression against the legal profession can take many different forms, including physical attacks, assaults, threats, vandalism, and sabotage. Based on survey results, the author provides a glimpse into work-related threats and violence against legal professionals and provides practical tips to actively prevent and thwart potentially violent situations.
By Stephen D. Kelson
In many U.S. jurisdictions, only one factor determines whether a charged individual stays in jail before trial. That factor is not guilt or innocence, the nature of the crime, nor the defendant’s character. The factor is how much money the defendant has or can borrow. This article looks at trends in money bail systems nationwide, with a focus on Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.
By Kene O. Okocha
The author discusses evidence-based pretrial release systems, including the one adopted in Milwaukee County, that rather than set bail based on the seriousness of the charge, focuses on the specific risk a defendant presents to not return to court.
By Hon. Jeffrey A. Kremers

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  • Tom Watson says use great care with collections cases, or you’ll risk collecting a malpractice claim from a debtor whose rights you’ve violated.
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  • Not all law practices are glamorous, but Deanne Koll says all hold the potential to be satisfying and meet clients’ and lawyers’ needs.

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