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Advances in assistive reproductive technology are giving new options for parentage to individuals who are in same-sex marriages, are dealing with infertility, or both. But Wisconsin law is not keeping pace. To resolve disputes when a surrogacy agreement falls apart and grant parent status, the author proposes that Wisconsin courts use an “intended-parent” test.
By Hon. Thomas J. Walsh
On the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in In re Gault, which granted certain rights to juveniles accused of committing crimes, the author reviews today’s juvenile courts, considers how juvenile courts protect minors’ due process rights, and outlines defense lawyers’ obligations to juvenile clients.
By Devon M. Lee
Don’t avoid representing clients with claims against brokers or firms because of negative stories about compulsory alternative-dispute resolution. The securities industry’s arbitration process under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) levels the playing field between large brokerage firms and individual investors.
By Aaron H. Aizenberg & Benjamin Ryan Prinsen

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  • Safekeeping Our Most Precious Assets
  • More important even than protecting client confidentiality is protecting human beings, including those who work in and visit law offices and courthouses, says George Brown.
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  • Is Life Balance Off? Lighten the Load
  • Stephanie Ziebell says staying afloat in life’s roiling waters sometimes requires setting aside unnecessary cargo instead of merely shifting the load.
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  • iOS vs. Android: Does It Still Matter?
  • Tison Rhine says differences between the two mobile operating systems are fewer than their similarities, but if the distinctions matter to you, read about them here.
  • Final Thought
  • 'Priceless': A Race Worth Running
  • Kristy Yang, a lawyer who came to America as a child refugee, was elected to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in April, becoming only the second Hmong-American judge in the nation.

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