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The Wisconsin Statutes now prohibit local governments from imposing or enforcing time-of-sale requirements on the sale of real estate and other local ordinances affecting real estate transactions. Because the old requirements remain on the books, and appear on the mandated offer to purchase form, lawyers must ensure buyers and sellers are on the same page.
By John D. Finerty & Nancy Leary Haggerty
Nursing-home residents and their families may, by signing on the dotted line, lose their ability to take care and treatment disputes to court. The authors discuss characteristics of the typical nursing-home admission process and the enforceability of arbitration provisions in nursing-home admission agreements.
By Jeffrey A. Pitman, Michael J. Cerjak & William C. Gleisner
First Amendment free-speech protections accompany teachers into the classroom, but both in and outside school, teachers’ publicly expressed views often draw sharp scrutiny and sometimes official response.
By Amy E. Casey
When changes are necessary to better serve their clients, improve access to justice, or simply make their work easier, lawyers can be pretty progressive. These 100 technological, intellectual, and practical innovations have fundamentally changed the way law is practiced.
By Jason Krause

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