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Our state hosts more than 120 breweries. In this highly regulated industry, lawyers ensure that the brewery’s owners can legally mill, mash, boil, ferment, cap, chill, label, and sell the beer. This article looks at the web of laws regulating breweries and and untangles major legal issues confronting startup breweries in Wisconsin.
By Jeffrey M. Glazer
For players in the ever-expanding food and beverage market, health-related labels, the rise of craft breweries, and new food-safety laws require the assistance of savvy counsel. This article looks at food and beverage laws, giving a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities that face this dynamic industry.
By Jennifer Naeger
One practice area lawyers cannot afford to ignore is bankruptcy. Because of bankruptcy courts’ broad jurisdiction, a wide variety of cases can be implicated, including evictions, foreclosures, the validity of and right to payment from trusts, consumer protection laws, defamation, and domestic support arrears.
By Nicholas L. Hahn

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Jeffrey Glazer outlines the regulatory framework for beer in Wisconsin; the rules brewers and brewery owners must navigate to get their products from the drawing board to shelves and taps.

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