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Bullying in school is particularly hard to combat, because children generally do not have the option of avoiding the problem by changing locations. Read how schools, parents, and communities are fighting back against bullying.
Public school students enjoy limited rights under the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments.
By A Steven Porter
School boards have wide latitude in disciplining students, but there are risks when discipline is used inappropriately.
Learn about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, individualized education plans, and section 504 services.
Parents or legal guardians are vested with the power to make medical decisions for their minor children or wards, but this power is not absolute. Recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions show that medical decision-making for minors can pose knotty legal and ethical dilemmas.
Family and children’s law attorneys must determine whether a child is a U.S. citizen early in any proceeding to preserve a noncitizen child’s eligibility for citizenship or immigration status.

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Medical decision-making for minors can pose knotty legal and ethical dilemmas for parents, health care providers, and lawyers. Tyler Wilkinson highlights considerations for attorneys.

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