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A national study – including roughly 1,600 Wisconsin lawyers – investigated who in the legal profession is happy, or not, and why they feel that way. What makes lawyers happy? It’s not what many people may think.
Given the large scale and rapid growth of frac sand mining operations in Wisconsin, some conflict between mines and their neighbors probably is unavoidable, but mine owners can promote good relationships by adhering to existing health and environmental laws and regulations.
The Wisconsin Social Media Protection Act protects individuals against certain social media searches by employers, educational institutions, and landlords. The law contains two basic restrictions, on access to information and on retaliation, but also provides several exceptions.
In addition to connecting with members and responding to major issues challenging the profession, State Bar president Bob Gagan enjoys tailgating with his family in their Packer bus.

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Johanna Kirk believes any attorney considering opening a practice should first complete a business plan.
Packer’s head coach Mike McCarthy relays a humorous story about a trip he and new State Bar President Bob Gagan made to Montana.

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