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Stymied, Alexander the Great “untied” the impossible Gordian knot by severing it with his sword. Although law firm compensation can be one of the most difficult puzzles in law firm management, solving it need not invite similar rash action. This article reviews the most common compensation systems, how each of them rewards specific behavior patterns, and why effective compensation systems must be aligned with a law firm’s culture and values.
In Casper, the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled existing state law to allow injured litigants to bring direct suits in Wisconsin courts against out-of-state insurance companies for a loss or injury that occurred in Wisconsin. The court also clarified considerations in seeking default judgments and confirmed that corporate officers may be held personally liable for their negligent acts.
Parties to surrogate-parenting arrangements typically enter into agreements that spell out each party’s expectations and responsibilities. However, Wisconsin law is insufficiently developed to ensure adequate enforcement of such agreements.

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In this video, Michael Moore discusses the features of successful firms’ compensation systems. How does your firm compare?

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