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Whether you represent plaintiffs or defendants in personal injury cases, understanding doctors' concerns, and refining your communications with them, will improve the doctor-lawyer relationship.
Unavailable witnesses or ones with holes in their memories need not be barriers to the admission into evidence of documents more than 20 years old. These documents may be admitted using the ancient-document evidence rule instead.
Notorious trials draw scorn for jurors who decide the fate of criminal defendants. But jurors often are restricted in their deliberations; they are not told of their traditional power to decide both the facts and the justness of the law as applied in a particular case.
By Erik R. Guenther

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  • Don't Underestimate Yourself
  • New lawyers' fresh perspectives and enthusiasm help to move the Bar and the profession forward. Volunteer opportunities abound.
  • President's Message
  • Assisting New Lawyers
  • A State Bar task force will address the professional challenges facing new lawyers, who are both the future of our profession and our association.
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  • 7 Tips to Spring Clean Standardized Form Contracts
  • Here are a few tips that in-house and transactional attorneys can use to improve boilerplate language of standardized form contracts. Although the author refers primarily to standardized sales contracts, many of the tips can improve almost any standardized forms.

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