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The myriad disability laws and regulations potentially applicable to people with allergies have made it difficult to determine if food allergy sufferers are entitled to protection and accommodations in public places, including schools and workplaces. The 2008 Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, which expands the class of individuals entitled to protections, should help clarify the recipe of rights for allergic individuals.
In this second of a two-part series on "Best Practices in Practice Development," the author presents tips for creating a personal business-development plan, identifying your best sources for new business, and putting to work the skills you already possess as a lawyer to get that business.
When directors and majority shareholders in control of closely-held corporations commit unlawful or oppressive acts, the minority shareholders have various remedies. In Notz v. Everett Smith Group Ltd., the Wisconsin Supreme Court held that a minority shareholder could pursue such remedies following a merger that forced him out.

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