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Research shows the legal profession has begun a gradual economic recovery from the recent recession. It also shows how the recession has permanently changed the relationship between lawyers and business clients. In this part one of a two-part series on “Best Practices in Practice Development,” the author looks at new trends in practice development brought about by the recession and how lawyers can adapt and build business in a recovery economy.
Secret offshore accounts – especially Swiss bank accounts – have a certain cachet, having become synonymous with glamour, financial sophistication, and international intrigue. Following the U.S. Justice Department’s 2009 settlement with the United Bank of Switzerland, increased state and federal enforcement efforts against such accounts might dampen their allure.
Understanding why and how lawyers approach the demands of their profession can lead to strategies for improving lawyers’ professional and personal satisfaction. The author presents an empirical, research-based framework and some solutions to help move the legal profession to a culture of positive professionalism.
Many Wisconsin counties have developed programs to provide legal information or assistance to low-income residents who have been unable to obtain more formal legal representation. A U.W. Law School survey of existing programs looks at issues and opportunities related to self-help options, and what the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission can do to bridge the justice gap of unmet legal needs in Wisconsin.

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