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    May 10, 2023

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    Every Member, Every Year

    The "Every Member, Every Year" campaign supports and expands the mission and work of the Wisconsin Law Foundation. We need your help.

    Larry J. Martin

    These are uncertain social and economic times. Civic understanding, the role of courts, and the rule of law are in decline or threatened; leaders in the legal profession and in our communities are retiring; and residents in much of Wisconsin increasingly struggle to access justice.

    Larry J. MartinLarry J. Martin is the executive director for the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    The Wisconsin Law Foundation is responding.

    We are working to expand grants to new lawyers who choose to work with underserved populations, engaging high school students on the rule of law and civics through the mock trial program, and developing a new generation of lawyers’ leadership skills in service to both the profession and our communities, all while promoting innovative programs that strengthen the justice system.

    These efforts are ambitious, and we cannot reach our goals without the support of every member of Wisconsin’s legal profession. Your support today and every year is vital to the Wisconsin Law Foundation’s ability to address and expand its reach in support of worthy projects and programs in every part of the state.

    This is why theWisconsin Law Foundation is launching the “Every Member, Every Year” campaign to support and expand its mission and work. We are asking every State Bar of Wisconsin member to give a donation of any amount to the Law Foundation at least once per year. We need your support now more than ever.

    With the annual support of every member, the Law Foundation will be in a strong position to respond to the need to promote civic understanding, leadership development, access to justice, and programming that enhances diversity and inclusion within the profession.

    In the last few years, the Law Foundation has seen a dramatic increase in applications for Truman Q. McNulty Grants. These grants support charitable or educational programs and projects in Wisconsin that promote greater understanding of the law and improve the administration of justice. Here are three examples:

    The Boys & Girls Club of Portage County is implementing a Legal Eagle Program, serving middle- and high-school youth. The program focuses on topics related to our legal and judicial system, career opportunities, presentations by and conversations with attorneys and judges, and visits to law-related facilities.

    Centro Legal’s Family Law Consultation Program helps participants understand legal rights, options, and responsibilities in family law matters and prepare them to effectively navigate the family court process.

    Briarpatch Youth Services is funding the Restorative Justice Program’s Youth Peer Court. The court offers an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system by providing eligible individuals an opportunity to participate in a restorative justice process and learn about legal concepts and procedures and the justice system.

    The Law Foundation was able to respond to these needs because of the past generosity of our donors.The annual support of all 25,000 State Bar members will empower us to continue to support vital programs and services when demand and need have never been higher.

    Join us by committing to make an annual contribution in any amount. With the support of every member every year, our impact grows ever stronger.

    Ways to Give to the Wisconsin Law Foundation

    wlf donation qr code
    • Include a donation on line 9 of your State Bar dues statement

    • Donate online at

    • Scan the code

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