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    Wisconsin Lawyer
    November 01, 2017


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    Human Trafficking in Wisconsin Exposed


    In “Under the Radar: Human Trafficking in Wisconsin” (Wisconsin Lawyer, October 2017), Rachel Monaco-Wilcox and Daria Mueller wrote about the extent of human trafficking, in Wisconsin and nationwide.

    Their article opened the eyes of many readers. Here is a sample of reader feedback.

    Reader: I just wanted to say thank you for the work you guys are doing at LOTUS (I just read the article in Wisconsin Lawyer). In addition to my work as an attorney, I also sit on the board of directors for the Basic Needs Fund at the Fox Valley Community Foundation. The issue of sex trafficking has come to the Basic Needs committee in the past and we have funded some projects. Thanks again for your work.

    Michael S. Sharkey
    U.S. Venture Inc., Appleton

    Reader: I took an Elder Mediation training led by Rachel Monaco-Wilcox and Michael Rust two years ago. I was a law student then but am working at Wisconsin Judicare Inc. now and am one of the newly-trained mediators for the new Marathon County mediation program. Thank you for that training and advice, and for your article on human trafficking in Wisconsin, it is definitely helpful for many of us at Judicare. Congratulations on the publication.

    Paige Resch
    Wisconsin Judicare Inc., Elder Rights Project, Wausau

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    Sex Trafficking in Wisconsin Has Long History


    In “Badger State Infamy: Wisconsin’s Early Sex Trade” (Wisconsin Lawyer, October 2017), Bonnie Shucha wrote about the anti-trafficking campaign in response to the sex trade that developed in Northern Wisconsin in the 1800s. A reader wrote in.

    Reader: I just wanted to commend you on the wonderful article you had in the recent Wisconsin Lawyer. Sex trafficking has long been a problem in Hurley and surrounding areas (as you obviously know) but no one ever seems to write about it. Thank you!

    Gavin Schmitt
    Author, Milwaukee Mafia

    Increasing Cultural Diversity Throughout the State Bar

    people look at computer

    I have been critical, and rightfully so, of the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine for its lack of cultural diversity in the images that have appeared in past issues. I maintain my appeal for more cultural inclusiveness in all aspects of the State Bar, including the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine.

    That being said, I commend the conscious effort by the magazine staff to recognize the true value of diversity by featuring more images of color in the October magazine. I especially commend them for the cultural reflections piece by Clyde Tinnin (“Shining Examples: Grandparents’ Lessons Enhance My Practice”). It is critical in diversity to promote shared cultural experiences. Images of inclusion versus images of exclusion are important as well. Hopefully, moving forward, cultural inclusion will become a value- added Wisconsin Lawyer magazine trend.

    Roy B. Evans
    Roy Bradford Evans Attorney at Law, Milwaukee

    Opening Doors of Opportunity

    In “A Conversation We Can’t Avoid” (Wisconsin Lawyer, October 2017), State Bar executive director Larry Martin wrote about steps the State Bar is taking to open doors of opportunity within the organization for new attorneys and attorneys of diverse backgrounds and experience. He invited members to engage in the conversation of how we create a culture of valuing all of us.

    A reader responded.

    Reader: I want to personally thank you for your excellent comment in this month’s Wisconsin Lawyer on the State Bar’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and specifically addressing the events of this past summer. As a future lawyer in Wisconsin (hopefully!), this is exactly the kind of leadership I hope to see in our legal community.

    Will Kramer
    J.D. Candidate 2018, U.W. Law School, Madison

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