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    Wisconsin Lawyer
    December 01, 2013


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    What to Do While Seeking Permanent Work

    A reader contacted me regarding a statement made in my article “Solutions: Practicing on Your Own Short-Term? What to Do While Seeking Permanent Work” (Oct. 2013). He raised a concern with my recommendation that single-member LLCs (SMLLCs) obtain federal employer identification numbers (EINs).

    The tone of the recommendation appeared to state that SMLLCs are required to obtain EINs. In reality, SMLLCs are not required to have an EIN unless they will have employees, have a requirement to file federal excise-tax returns, have a state-level requirement for such an ID number, or are making an election to be taxed as a corporation. That being said, the IRS will issue an “optional” EIN to a SMLLC upon application and I always encourage clients to do so for various reasons, primarily ID theft avoidance by having a non-Social Security number for business purposes. My intent was to present this as a recommended optional tip, not a mandatory requirement.

    Scott B. Franklin
    Kohler and Franklin LLC CPAs, Milwaukee

    List of Lawyer License Plates Grows

    The number of specialty Wisconsin license plates that are probably tied to lawyers or judges, listed in “Briefly” (Nov. 2013), is growing.

    Atty. Tonya Vlasik’s plate is LAWGIRL.

    Atty. Linda Costigan Krueger’s plate is ANIMLAW (animal law).

    Atty. David W. Leifker has two cars: JURIS 1 and JURIS 2. He says upon leaving Karl Ratzsch’s restaurant in Milwaukee years ago, the parking attendant wished “Mr. Juris” a good evening.

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