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    Wisconsin LawyerWisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 82, No. 5, May 2009



    New Hires, Promotions, Partners

    Daniel D. Barker Daniel D. Barker, U.W. 1996, has joined Melli Law S.C., Madison, as a partner and continues to focus on labor and employment law and litigation.

    Christopher J. Brown, U.W. 1986, has been appointed global director of underwriting of the London agents of the managers of the United Kingdom Steamship Assurance Association (Bermuda).

    Shane A. Brunner, U.W. 1999, has joined the Madison office of Merchant & Gould, an intellectual property law firm, as a partner. He previously was with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.

    Dawn R. Caldart, Marquette 2001, has become administrative director of the new Milwaukee Justice Center, which focuses on serving people with civil legal issues. She previously was with First, Albrecht & Blondis s.c., Milwaukee.

    Sara E. Dill, Marquette 2005 cum laude, has joined Friebert, Finerty & St. John S.C., Milwaukee, as an associate and focuses on domestic and international immigration law and criminal defense. Sara E. Dill

    William H. Franks, U.W. 2003 cum laude, has joined the Grand Rapids, Mich., office of Plunkett Cooney in the banking, bankruptcy, and creditors’ rights practice group.

Forberger Victor Forberger, Northeastern 1997, has joined Vanden Heuvel & Dineen S.C., with offices in Slinger, Germantown, and Sister Bay, and focuses on public sector labor relations and employment issues. He previously was with the Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission.

    Paul Hoefle, Michigan 1981, has joined The Schroeder Group S.C., Attorneys at Law, Waukesha, as a shareholder and continues to focus on litigation. Paul Hoefle

    Grant C. Killoran, Minnesota 1989, has joined O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong S.C., Milwaukee, in the litigation practice group and continues to focus on complex business and health care disputes. He previously was with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.

    Paul D. Kuglitsch, Marquette 2008 cum laude, has become a contract services officer with the Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture.

    David E. Lasker, U.W. 1973, has been appointed Juneau County corporation counsel, Mauston, by the Juneau County Board.

    Daniel J. O'Brien Daniel J. O’Brien, Marquette 1986, has been promoted to shareholder at Halling & Cayo S.C., Milwaukee, and continues to focus on insurance defense, business litigation, and plaintiffs’ personal injury matters.

    Benita L. Anderson, U.W. 2006, and Matthew L. Granitz, Marquette 2006, have joined Piper & Schmidt, Milwaukee, as associates and focus on insurance defense litigation.

    Five attorneys have been promoted to shareholder at Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c., Milwaukee. Lucien A. Beaudry, U.W. 2001 cum laude, is with the tax and business law departments and also is a CPA. James P. Denis III, Marquette 1999, Willem J. Noorlander, Marquette 1998 cum laude, and Ryan S. Stippich, U.W. 2001 cum laude, are with the litigation department. Meghan K. Shannon, U.W. 2001 magna cum laude, is with the business law department.

    Steve Schrage, Columbia 1968, has joined the Eau Claire office of Ruder Ware LLSC and focuses on estate planning. [Editor’s Note: The firm’s location was listed incorrectly in the April issue.]

    Five attorneys have joined von Briesen & Roper s.c., Milwaukee. Sally C. Merrell, Virginia 1980, is a shareholder in the business practice group. Nathan G. Erickson, Marquette 2008, is an associate in the business practice group. Sally A. Ihlenfeld, Marquette 2008, is an associate in the health care practice group. Whitney R. Vallier, U.W. 2008 cum laude, is an associate in the health care and business practice groups. Jessica M. Zeratsky, Marquette 2003, is an associate in the banking, bankruptcy, business restructuring, and real estate practice group.

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    Mergers, Relocations, New Offices

    John T. Podbielski Jr., Marquette 1989, has opened The Podbielski Law Group Ltd., 9809 S. Franklin Dr., Suite 104, Franklin, and focuses on foreclosures, evictions, replevins, subrogation, debt collection, and accounts receivable management consulting services. He previously was with Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP, Chicago, and Schelble & Podbielski S.C., Milwaukee.

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    Appointments, Elections

    Pamela Hart Alexander, U.W. 2002, was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School for the 2009 spring quarter and taught an animal law seminar. She is director of the animal law program at the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Cotati, Calif. Pamela Hart 

    James T. Barry III, Chicago 1989, has been elected chair of the Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focusing on enhancing development and governmental effectiveness in southeastern Wisconsin. He is president of Colliers Barry, a commercial real estate brokerage firm.

    Peter C. Stomma, Drake 1991, has become president of Boyle Fredrickson, Milwaukee. Michael J. Gratz, U.W. 1994, vice president, and Timothy E. Newholm, George Mason 1992, secretary, continue on the board. Keith M. Baxter, Georgetown 1984, has become treasurer. [Editors’ Note: The firm’s name was spelled incorrectly in the March issue.]

    The Eau Claire County Bar Association has elected the following officers: president – Jay E. Heit; president-elect – John P. Richie; secretary – Shawn C.E. Rauckman; and treasurer – M. Laurie Klinkhammer, all of Eau Claire.

    Philip Koutnik, Marquette 2008 with honors, has been elected a trustee of the Public Policy Forum. He is a member of the corporate transactions and business law group in the Milwaukee office of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.

    Randy S. Nelson, Marquette 1977, has been appointed to the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel Business Planning Committee. He is a partner at Weiss Berzowski Brady LLP, Milwaukee, focusing on estate planning, family business planning, tax planning, trust administration, probate, and advising service corporations and partnerships, and also is a CPA.

    Katherine Maloney Perhach, Marquette 2000 cum laude, has been appointed by Gov. Jim Doyle to the Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities. She is a partner in the commercial litigation practice at
    Quarles & Brady LLP, Milwaukee.

    David W. Simon, Berkeley 1994, has been appointed vice chair of strategic development for the litigation department at Foley & Lardner LLP, Milwaukee. He is a member of the white collar defense, corporate compliance and enforcement, and antitrust practice groups.

    The Wisconsin chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has elected the following officers: president – Carlton Stansbury, Milwaukee; vice president – Marta Meyers, Madison; treasurer – Anthony Menting, Oconomowoc; and secretary – David B. Karp, Milwaukee.

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    Authors, Speakers

    The following attorneys contributed to the 2009 edition of Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law (State Bar CLE Books 2009): Jennifer Annen, U.W. 1999, and James A. Jaeger, Georgetown 1975, Hill, Glowacki, Jaeger & Hughes LLP, Madison; Paul Bargren, U.W. 1994, Adam E. Crawford, U.W. 2008, Carl D. Fortner, U.W. 1986 cum laude, Cynthia J. Franecki, U.W. 1998, James L. Huston (retired), Chicago 1984, Zhu (Julie) Lee, Northwestern 1998, Maureen A. McGinnity, U.W. 1982 cum laude, Katherine D. Spitz, Notre Dame 2007, and Timothy L. Voigtman, U.W. 1998 cum laude, Foley & Lardner LLP, Milwaukee; Linda H. Bochert, U.W. 1974, Melissa S. Caulum, U.W. 2007, and Jordan J. Hemaidan, U.W. 1996, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, Madison; Jennifer N. Brown, DePaul 2006, and Patricia M. Heim, Marquette 1974, O’Flaherty Heim & Egan Ltd., La Crosse; James J. Chiolino, U.W. 2007, and Sarah E. Coyne, U.W. 1995 cum laude, Quarles & Brady LLP, Madison; J. Patrick Condon, Marquette 1980, Borgelt, Powell, Peterson & Frauen S.C., Milwaukee; Edward A. Corcoran, U.W. 1981, Murphy & Desmond S.C., Madison; Joanne Harmon Curry, U.W. 2001, Richard F. Verstegen, U.W. 1997, and Matthew J. Wheeler, U.W. 2007, Lathrop & Clark LLP, Madison; Stephanie Czukas, U.W. 2007, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, Milwaukee; Alec Dobson, U.W. 2006, and Patrick J. Schott, Marquette 1988, Schott, Bublitz & Engel s.c., Brookfield; William E. Fischer, Marquette 2003 cum laude, and Alexander T. (Sandie) Pendleton, Minnesota 1987 cum laude, Kohner, Mann & Kailas S.C., Milwaukee; Daniel W. Gentges, Syracuse 1988, and Lia E. Moeser, U.W. 2007, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C., Milwaukee; Elisabeth L. Howard, U.W. 2008, Christopher B. Hughes, Indiana-Bloomington 1993, S. Bryan Kleinmaier, U.W. 2000, Richard K. Nordeng, U.W. 1974, and Joseph P. Wright, U.W. 1988, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, Madison; Anton S. Jamieson, U.W. 1997, Dane County Family Court Commissioner’s Office, Madison; Nancy B. Johnson, U.W. 1994, Brennan, Steil & Basting S.C., Janesville; Amanda J. Kaiser, U.W. 1984, and Catherine M. Rottier, U.W. 1986, Boardman, Suhr, Curry & Field LLP, Madison; Alyce C. Katayama, Maryland 1974 cum laude, Celestina L. Owusu-Sanders, Northwestern 2004, and Carl R. Schwartz, Harvard 1978, Quarles & Brady LLP, Milwaukee; Dean P. Laing, Marquette 1983, and Patrick G. McBride, Marquette 1995, O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong S.C., Milwaukee; Brian R. Mudd, U.W. 1971, Nelson & Schmeling, Green Bay; Erik J. Pless, U.W. 1993, Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, Green Bay; Joseph A. Ranney, Yale 1978, DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C., Madison; Eliza M. Reyes, John Marshall 1997, von Briesen & Roper s.c., Madison; and Marilyn Townsend, Potomac 1979, Marilyn Townsend Law Office, Madison.

    Eunice Gibson, U.W. 1973, chaired a panel at the 23rd Congress of the World Jurist Association in Kiev, Ukraine, in March, and presented a paper entitled “United States Statutory Remedies for Victims of Human Rights Violations.”

    The Hon. Charles B. Schudson, U.W. 1974, presented a lecture (in Spanish) at the Universidad de Leon Law School, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in March, on the topic of the treatment of abused children and abusers in the U.S. legal system. He is a Wisconsin reserve judge and an adjunct faculty member at the Marquette and U.W. Law Schools.

    Leonard A. Wang, U.W. 1978, has authored “Avoiding Material Omissions Under the Federal Securities Laws” for the BNA Accounting and Policy Practice series.

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    Awards, Degrees, Honors

    John W. Daniels Jr., Harvard 1974, was inducted into the National Black Law Students Association Hall of Fame in March, in honor of his commitment to justice and to opening doors for minority-group legal professionals. He is chair of Quarles & Brady LLP, Milwaukee, and focuses on real estate transactions work, representing lenders, investors, and developers.

    Donsia Strong Hill, John Marshall 1989, was inducted into the first class of the College of Applied Science and Technology Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Illinois in February. She is a member of the business practice group at Godfrey & Kahn, Milwaukee, and focuses on public finance and public policy.

    An office at University School of Milwaukee will be named in honor of Michael F. Hupy, Marquette 1972, and his family, who gave the school an endowment. Hupy is with Hupy and Abraham s.c., Milwaukee, focusing on personal injury matters.

    Marsha M. Mansfield, U.W. 1984, was the 2009 recipient of the Marygold Melli Achievement Award, presented by the Legal Association for Women, in honor of her work promoting equality and social justice and advancing women’s interests. She is a clinical associate professor at the U.W. Law School, teaching and supervising students in the Neighborhood Law Project and the Family Court Assistance Project.

    Terry Rose, U.W. 1967, received the 2008 David Niblack award from the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for his outstanding criminal defense work on behalf of indigent persons. He is with Rose & Rose, Kenosha.

    Stuart Schroeder, Oklahoma City Univ. 1977, received the Bruce Gill Executive Volunteer of the Year Award in April. He is founder and CEO of The Schroeder Group S.C., Attorneys at Law, Waukesha, and focuses on corporate and business planning, estate planning, taxation, and real estate matters.

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    In Memoriam

    Paul H. Grimstad, U.W. 1969, Manitowoc, April 12, 1944 – March 31, 2009.

    John H. Lederer, U.W. 1973, Madison, April 24, 1948 – March 25, 2009.

    Hon. Dane F. Morey, U.W. 1959, Menomonie, Sept. 4, 1933 – March 19, 2009.

    Hon. Peter J. Naze, U.W. 1972, Green Bay, July 7, 1942 – April 1, 2009.

    Sidney B. Podell, U.W. 1949, Milwaukee, Aug. 16, 1920 – Feb. 22, 2009.

    William Rosenbaum, U.W. 1950, Madison, June 12, 1923 – Jan. 20, 2009.

    Carlton J. Snow, U.W. 1969, Salem, Ore., Dec. 26, 1939 – Nov. 4, 2004.

    Daniel J. Stangle, Kansas 1975, Park Falls, Feb. 7, 1951 – Aug. 21, 2008.

    George K. Steil Sr., U.W. 1950, Janesville, Dec. 16, 1924 – March 29, 2009.

    Robert J. Steininger, Nebraska 1954, South Milwaukee, Sept. 6, 1923 – Feb. 13, 2009.

    Michael J. Wyngaard, Georgetown 1963, Madison, Aug. 12, 1937 – March 31, 2009.

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