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John W. Daniels Jr., named one of the 50 most influential minority lawyers in America by the National Law Journal, believes when you value and empower people – “make them feel comfortable in their own skins” – you get their best efforts and the best results, from serving their communities to delivering excellent client service to building collegiality and encouraging a team approach to solving problems.
Opening a liquor store, tavern, or nightclub offers many risks and rewards for entrepreneurs in Wisconsin. Here’s what you need to know about the liquor licensing process to provide your clients the professional guidance they need before, during, and after the license-application process to improve their chances for long-term success in their business ventures.
Gold is gold is gold is gold; as a commodity, the only reason to buy gold of the same purity from one trader instead of another is price. Many consumers now think of some legal services – such as uncontested divorce agreements, wills, and business formation documents, all available inexpensively on the Web – as commodities differentiated only by price. Before more legal services become commodities, learn how business model innovation can differentiate your law practice from others. You’ll not only prote
The rules of evidence allow lay witnesses to testify about direct knowledge in the form of an opinion or inference, so long as the proper foundation is offered. Here’s a fresh look at lay opinion evidence and its effectiveness in trial advocacy.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Inside the Bar
  • Creating the Universal Cite
  • The hard work of visionary members like John Lederer, who passed away in March, resulted in a universal citation system that spurred the development of technology to bring databases of low-cost case law into use nationwide.
  • President's Message
  • Reflecting on Loyalty, Freedom of Speech
  • Protecting officers’ freedom of speech and yet expecting an officer’s duty of loyalty to an organization are not mutually exclusive principles.
  • Ethics
  • Online Chat: Be Careful What You Say 
  • Talk all you want, just make sure you don’t create an attorney-client relationship among chat room participants or directly solicit clients based on your discussions.
  • Private Reprimand Summaries
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court permits the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) to publish, for educational purposes, in an official State Bar publication a summary of facts and professional conduct rule violations in matters in which the OLR imposed private reprimands. The summaries do not disclose information identifying the reprimanded attorneys.The following summaries of selected private reprimands are printed to help attorneys avoid similar misconduct problems.
  • Managing Risk
  • Be a Choosy Lawyer 
  • Client selection is even more important during an economic downturn, especially for solo practitioners and lawyers with small practices who might feel pressure to ignore the risk and accept a client or case outside their focus area.

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