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    Inside the Bar: Disappearing Ink

    Inside the Bar, the monthly print newsletter, has faded from view as WisBar InsideTrack takes center stage, delivering a wider variety of information to your email in-box twice a month.)

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    Wisconsin LawyerWisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 82, No. 4, April 2009

    by George C. Brown, executive director

    George BrownYou’ll never miss what you never knew you had, as the saying goes. That is, until someone else has it, enjoys its benefits, and explains how you could have had it, too, if only you’d opened your email.

    Like WisBar InsideTrack. If you haven’t opened recent issues, you’ve missed coverage on the following topics:
    • Mortgage refinancing eligibility for clients • Recent jury verdicts, bench decisions, settlements, and arbitration awards • The value of prenuptial agreements for law firms • How to improve collection strategies while reducing the risks of ethics sanctions • Prosecutors’ responsibilities under proposed ethics code revisions • The dangers of hiding assets in divorce.

    This is just a taste of the free legal information that InsideTrack, the State Bar’s new electronic newsletter, delivers to you twice a month.

    In talking with members, I have found that many believe InsideTrack is just an electronic version of the old, familiar Inside the Bar newsletter that you used to receive by mail every month. The print newsletter, which was retired in December 2008, was devoted almost exclusively to events or activities of the State Bar.

    InsideTrack is a different creature entirely. You still will find information about the State Bar. Public policy positions taken by the Board of Governors, the latest free webcast training for Fastcase (the State Bar free legal research service), upcoming CLE seminars, and the like all are included with each issue.

    The greatest change is in the other types of information you receive with InsideTrack. You’ll find excerpts of educational programs and videotaped interviews with resource attorneys and other legal professionals who will provide you practice guidance. You’ll find evaluations of some of the most recently enacted legislation, summaries of recent Wisconsin court decisions, jury verdicts, and awards, discussion of the potential impact of and opportunities presented by the current economic recession and governmental responses, and other topics that affect your practice in many different ways.

    Unlike print publications, coverage in the electronic newsletter is not limited by the number of pages – stories do not have to compete with each other for space. The articles are as long as necessary to give you the best information possible and are enhanced with links so that you can click through to other pertinent resources, making your research easier. And because InsideTrack is delivered twice a month, you’ll get timely information more often.

    InsideTrack is being delivered automatically to every member with an email address on file with the State Bar. You need do nothing to continue to receive this newsletter. To receive it at a different email address, click on the “Subscribe” link at the bottom of the e-newsletter and enter the new email address.

    If you haven’t opened the latest issue, go to InsideTrack. Take a look. Read some stories. Click through to some of the linked resources. We’re hopeful that now that you know what you’ve been missing, you’ll open the next issue, and the one after that, and the next .…