Wisconsin Lawyer: Need more guidance on implementing videoconferencing?:

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    Need more guidance on implementing videoconferencing?

    Need more guidance on implementing videoconferencing?

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    Wisconsin LawyerWisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 81, No. 7, July 2008

    Need more guidance on implementing videoconferencing?

    • Guidelines for implementing videoconferencing. The Bridging the Distance: Implementing Videoconferencing in Wisconsin manual, prepared by the Planning & Policy Advisory Committee Videoconferencing Subcommittee sets out the standards of good practice to help jurisdictions understand and implement videoconferencing technology; contains general information about videoconferencing technology, suggestions for how it can be used, and who to involve in planning; recommends technology guidelines; discusses specific design issues unique to the justice system; and includes schematics of videoconferencing equipment set ups for different courtroom configurations.
    • Video clip outlines the new rules. Judge Edward E. Leineweber briefly explains the new videoconferencing rules and highlights what participants can expect.
    • Facilities in Wisconsin with videoconferencing capability. A resource directory, compiled by the Wisconsin State Court System contains a list of contact names and numbers for circuit courts, county jails, correctional facilities, educational sites, and mental health facilities in Wisconsin that have videoconferencing. The directory is updated quarterly (last updated May 8, 2008).
    • Advice for defense counsel. Protecting Quality Representation in Video Court, by the Wisconsin State Public Defender's office, is available. The manual discusses practice standards, preparing for video court, providing effective representation, and raising challenges. Appendices include a checklist for defense attorneys; frequently reported problems with video court; and a synopsis of statutes, court orders, administrative rules, and case law regarding videoconferencing.

    Share your experience with videoconferencing. Direct comments to gov michelle.cyrulik wicourts Michelle Cyrulik, PPAC senior policy analyst.