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Under the Federal REAL ID Act, beginning on May 11, 2008, a Wisconsin resident may not use a Wisconsin driver’s license or state-issued identification card to prove identity when boarding a commercial aircraft or entering a federal building unless the driver’s license or ID card is REAL ID compliant. Read about what this means to Wisconsin lawyers and citizens.
Generally speaking, the terms and provisions of the standardized commercial offer to purchase form create a contract with broad representations, limited contingencies, and unlimited remedies. Here are some of the issues parties should consider when using the commercial offer to purchase form.
The authors highlight several recent cases and statutes they believe reflect the most important developments affecting limited liability companies.
This book provides everything you need to know about routine procedures for real estate transactions involving residential and commercial structures, vacant land, condominiums, land contracts, and options to purchase.
To help you provide more efficient and effective service to your business clients, consider adding these resources to your practice library.

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  • How Can I Avoid Negotiating the Bill After the Work Is Done?
  • A client of many years has asked for a percentage discounted from his bill. We frequently perform work for this client, but he does not use our firm exclusively. How can I avoid a round of negotiations over the bill after the work is done, while at the same time maintain a good relationship with our client?

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