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As privately operated drones are increasingly hovering over our country’s cities and farms, governments are responding by passing laws to regulate their operation in the interests of public safety and privacy. This article addresses the patchwork of laws that have arisen at various levels to govern the private use of drones.
By Kevin David Trost
Often, old age is accompanied by declines in cognition that can negatively affect an older person’s ability to engage in estate planning. But even when they don’t, beneficiaries might use a testator’s age and normal age-related behavior as reasons to challenge a will or other testamentary document. The growing number of older people with cognitive challenges will bring with it an increase in estate litigation.
By Randall L. Nash
Ensure the validity of real estate conveyances when you and clients electronically dot your i’s and cross your t’s. This article highlights major sources of law concerning e-transactions, Wisconsin Realtors Association forms, and federal laws. It also identifies inconsistencies and potential hazards that could cause a transaction to be found invalid.
By Michael W. Tobin

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  • President's Message
  • We’ve Got the ‘Secret Sauce’
  • Fran Deisinger says members active in the State Bar are the “secret sauce” that fuels all the organization’s moving parts.
  • Final Thought
  • Strap On Our Goggles
  • Paying more attention to the road ahead and less to the rearview mirror, says Michelle Behnke, will aid lawyers in navigating change in the profession and in society.

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