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Wisconsin lawyers are a creative bunch. Meet the artists – or lawyers who represent them – whether they are painters, actors, writers, filmmakers, musicians, or involved in some other creative endeavor. We hope you enjoy the mix of creativity showcased here.
By Dianne Molvig
Lawyers who practice “arts law” represent individuals and entertainment-industry businesses but also any business that uses visual images – and other types of creative works – on its products or as part of its marketing or advertising. This article identifies the key considerations for individuals who create art and businesses that buy, commission, or use visual images.
By Elizabeth T. Russell
Imitation can be the trigger for a copyright-infringement lawsuit. This article discusses the copyright fair use doctrine – and several recent notable decisions in which courts applied the doctrine to artists’ and entrepreneurs’ creation of works using cutting-edge electronic techniques.
By Jennifer Gregor & Mark W. Hancock
Intellectual property can be a significant element of a person’s estate, and for artists, that intellectual property likely will be copyright. For lawyers advising clients, identifying, and cataloging property consisting of copyright is particularly important – and challenging.
By Elizabeth T. Russell

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Editor's Note
  • A Focus on Lawyers and the Arts
  • This special focus issue, says editorial board member Douglas Frazer, is a reminder of the many ways lawyers add to, complement, and support the arts – making the fabric of our communities and society so much better for it.
  • Your State Bar
  • From Change Comes Opportunity
  • It’s time again to recognize those lawyers who are responding creatively to change. George Brown invites your nomination for the 2016 Legal Innovators Awards.
  • Managing Risk
  • Help for Hanging Out Your Own Shingle
  • Tom Watson identifies some of the challenges and rewards when going solo, and lists State Bar resources for starting a solo practice.
  • Final Thought
  • The Power of Stories: Finding Patterns in Puzzles
  • Michael Bowen says storylines can help us understand baffling situations, such as changes in how law is practiced, and figure out how to maintain one’s continuum between professional and personal satisfaction.

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