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Critical thinking. Problem solving. Public speaking. Teamwork. Since 1983, mock trial has helped more than 30,000 Wisconsin students instill leadership skills and lifelong memories. Here are some of their stories.
The article looks at eight significant Wisconsin federal court decisions interpreting Wisconsin law in 2013, encompassing common-law claims and statutory interpretations.
The article highlights nine significant Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions from the 2012-13 terms, during which the court issued more than 40 substantive decisions.

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In this video, appellate lawyer Beth Ermatinger Hanan explains why she believes two cases in particular deserve inclusion in her December 2013 article “Top 9 Recent Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions.” One case deals with surrogacy agreements and the nexus between family law issues and contract principles, the other deals with the standard by which a mental health patient may refuse involuntary medication.

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