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    • Top 8 Recent Wisconsin Federal Court Decisions
    • Federal court interpretations of Wisconsin law are of persuasive value to, but not binding on, Wisconsin courts, yet, they affect how Wisconsin law develops and is argued. Here is a look at eight significant Wisconsin federal court decisions interpreting Wisconsin law in 2010 and 2011, encompassing common law claims and statutory interpretations.
    • Class Action Suits after Wal-Mart Inc. v. Dukes
    • The U.S. Supreme Court has placed obstacles in the path of plaintiffs' litigators attempting to put together class action lawsuits. Learn about the Court's decision in Wal-Mart Inc. v. Dukes and the similarities and differences between the federal rule the Court relied on and Wisconsin's class-action statute.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Mentoring Lawyer to Lawyer
  • When a question arises and you want to talk to a peer in a particular legal-practice area, or find suggestions for software to manage your business, or you just need a sounding board, consider these State Bar resources.
  • President's Message
  • Clarion Call for Civil Gideon
  • The State Bar urges the supreme court to adopt the "Civil Gideon" petition to authorize circuit court appointments of lawyers in civil matters.
  • Ethics
  • Client Contacts with Adverse Parties
  • Wisconsin attorneys should tread carefully when responding to client requests for assistance in communicating with opposing parties who are represented by counsel.
  • Practice Tips
  • 6 Steps to Orienting New Employees
  • Properly orienting a new employee in an effective and efficient manner is critical to any organization's operations. Here's a process you can use to help new employees quickly become productive contributors.
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