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  • Inside the Bar
  • Give Kids a Lasting Gift
  • Your donations to the Wisconsin Law Foundation help provide gifts to kids that last beyond the holiday season, and provide you a tax break.
  • President's Message
  • The State Bar can best use its resources by drawing plans today for tomorrow's highway.
  • Ethics
  • Determining Adverse Representation
  • The term "directly adverse" is not well defined, nor is there a clear test for lawyers to apply when determining if the representation of one client will be directly adverse to another client. The State Bar's Ethics Hotline can help you determine if a conflict of interest exists.
  • Managing Risk
  • Personal Injury Lawyers Beware
  • Personal injury practice gives rise to the greatest number of legal malpractice claims, especially document errors and claims that the PI lawyer failed to perform due diligence in seeking all insurance policies that could benefit a client.
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