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    Wisconsin LawyerWisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 79, No. 8, August 2006


    • Blog - Short for Weblog, a blog is a type of Web site consisting of brief informational posts that often offer commentary or news on a particular subject. Blogs typically are updated more frequently than a traditional Web site and usually feature an archive of previously posted content. Many blogs have RSS feeds.
    • RSS - A format for distributing, or syndicating, Web content. Also known as Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication.
    • RSS Feed - A file containing syndicated Web content in real-time. RSS feeds are best viewed with an RSS reader because content can appear undecipherable in a Web browser. Also known as a Web feed or news feed.
    • RSS Reader - An application that collects syndicated content from one or more RSS feeds and consolidates it into a single view. Also known as an RSS aggregator, feed reader, news reader, or news aggregator.
    • Syndication - The process whereby Web content is distributed simultaneously and made available to subscribers. Generally, syndicated content is distributed via RSS.

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    Getting Started with Bloglines

    Bloglines is a free Web-based RSS reader available at www.bloglines.com/. Bloglines uses a frames platform: a list of subscribed feeds appears on the left and the content of posts is displayed on the right.

    To subscribe to an RSS feed:

    • Copy the feed's URL (look for an orange XML or RSS button). (See the sidebar "Finding RSS Feeds.")
    • In Bloglines, click "Add" in the top left corner. Paste the URL in the box that will appear in the right frame. Click "Subscribe."
    • Designate a folder, if any, to assign the feed to and click "Subscribe."
    • The new subscription will appear in the list of feeds on the left.
    • To unsubscribe to a feed, click on its name on the left, and the feed will open on the right. In the blue bar above the feed name on the right, click "unsubscribe."

    To view content:

    • In the list on the left, feeds with new content will appear bolded followed by the number of new posts in parentheses.
    • To view the posts, click on the feed name on the left. If you have assigned folders, click on the folder name to display posts for all feeds within the folder. Posts will display on the right.
    • If a plus sign appears next to the post headline, click it to view the text of the post. For some feeds, only the first few sentences are displayed. To view the full post, click on the post headline to link to the full blog on the Web.

    To save content:

    • With an RSS reader, content is only displayed the first time it is viewed, unless the user acts to save it. There are several ways to save content in Bloglines.
    • One way is to check the "Keep New" box on the bottom of the post. The post will be displayed each time you view new content until the box is unchecked.
    • Another way to save content is to place it in a clippings folder. Click on "Clip/Blog This" at the bottom of the post. In the new window that opens, click on the "Save to" button at the bottom right. You may also assign it to a subfolder. To view the clippings folder, click on the "Clippings" tab at the top left.
    • A third option is to email the text of the post to yourself or someone else. Click on "Email This" at the bottom of the post.

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    Finding RSS Feeds

    There are many RSS feeds of use to the legal professional. Locate a feed by using one of the following search engines / directories:

    RSS News Feeds for Law (TVC Alert) - an extensive list of law-related RSS feeds.

    Law and Business Related Feeds

    • Blawg Republic - a digest of the latest news and commentary from the blawgosphere.
    • Western District of Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court (https://ecf.wiwb.uscourts.gov/) - orders and complaints via RSS.
    • GovTrack - information about the U.S. Congress.
    • SECFilings.com - free RSS feeds of SEC filings by company, person, SIC code, and type of filing.

    News and Journal Feeds

    Custom Feeds

    Keyword search and subscribe to the results via RSS.

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