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Fee Arbitration Program

If you and your attorney disagree about the amount charged for legal representation, including costs or expenses, your dispute may be eligible for the Fee Arbitration Program. ​

What is Fee Arbitration?

Fee arbitration is a private hearing between a lawyer and the client before a panel of one to three arbitrators in an informal setting. Trained volunteer arbitrators (lawyer and nonlawyer members of the public) hear the arguments on both sides before making a decision. While it is not required, you may choose to be represented by a lawyer for the hearing, making you responsible for their legal fee. The decision made by the arbitration panel is final and binding, subject only to the appeal rights under Chapter 788, Wisconsin S​tatute​

What are the benefits to Fee Arbitration?

  • Arbitration is confidential, so both parties preserve their privacy.
  • You don't have to go to court — saving time, money, and undue publicity.
  • Arbitration is cost effective. A nonrefundable application fee ranging from $35 to $150 per party is required to start the process.

​ ​​ ​For questions or to submit an application, please contact​ ​​