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Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program

WisLAP is a member service of the State Bar of Wisconsin which provi​des free confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, law students, and their families in coping with an​y substance abuse or dependence, mental health challenges, or other stressors whi​ch negatively impact the quality of life and the practice of law. The​ ​program is de​​​sig​ned to help members and their families build on their strengths and to provide support through offeri​​​ng services that promote physical, mental, and emotional health.

We do not provide legal advice or give lawyer referrals. Click here if you are seeking legal advice or need to find a lawyer.​​

Well-Being Week in LawJoin WisLAP for a Well-Being Week in Law Celebration

WisLAP knows that too many lawyers and their support teams aren’t thriving. We hope you know by now that legal professionals who are struggling with the stress that comes with a high-pressure job can find support from WisLAP any time, day or night.

But May 3-7, 2021 is a special occasion in the world of lawyer well-being. We invite you to join WisLAP and the State Bar of Wisconsin as we participate in Well-Being Week in Law (WWIL). (Read more about WWIL in this article from InsideTrackTM.)

WWIL was created to raise awareness about the importance of well-being in the profession and to encourage innovations that improve the ways legal professionals live and work. We all know the importance of taking care of our physical and mental health, but many of us don’t make time for it. Legal professionals are often so concerned with taking care of their clients, firms, communities, and families that their own health and happiness take a hit. But making a big commitment to self-care and well-being activities can seem overwhelming and hard to sustain.

WWIL is a chance to learn about ways to make gradual improvements, big changes, or find a middle path. Leading up to and during WWIL, WisLAP will share activities, ideas, and encouragement designed to boost work life balance and promote health and happiness across the legal profession. Follow WisLAP and the State Bar of Wisconsin on social media so you don't miss out. Devoting time to your health and well-being is vital to you performing at your best, so please join us and post about your experience using #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Here are some additional well-being resources from the Office of Judicial Education tailored for members of the judiciary. 

Monday: Stay Strong — Physical Well-Being

Tuesday: Align — Spiritual Well-Being

Wednesday: Engage & Grow — Occupational & Intellectual Well-Being

  • WATCH THIS: Flow: An Animated Book Summary. A short, entertaining video summarizing the best-selling book, which proposes that fostering more “flow” (a state of complete absorption in engaging activities that are optimally challenging) in our daily lives is a key to growth and happiness, 5:20 mins.
  • READ THIS: Leo Babauta (2012). Nine Steps to Achieving Flow in Your Work. Greater Good Magazine.
  • DO THIS: Try Out Job Crafting, which is a continual activity in which we seek to create a better fit between our strengths, values, and preferences and our work. Follow the Job Crafting Activity Guide.

Thursday: Connect — Social Well-Being

Friday: Feel Well — Emotional Well-Being

​WisLAP Contact Information:

24 hour​ helpline: (800) 543-2625
WisLAP Manager Mary Spranger (800) 444-9404 ext. 6159
WisLAP Coordinator Jason Magill (800) 444-9404 ext. 6151
Administrative Coordinator Tamra Paulson (800) 444-9404 ext. 6098

How We Can Help

  • Initial evaluation
  • Referrals
  • Peer assistance
  • Consultation
  • Education, including CLE programs
  • Outreach
  • Intervention

Who We Serve

  • Law Students
  • Bar applicants
  • Attorneys (in good standing, suspended, disbarred, re-instatement candidates)
  • Judges
  • Family members
  • Colleagues
  • Other concerned parties

​​It is the responsibility of the legal community to help our colleagues. WisLAP is based upon the premise of Lawyers Helping Lawyers and Judges Helping Judges. We have over 150 trained volunteer lawyers and judges, who understand what you go through, to offer support and guidance. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Click Here


​ ​What Happens When You Call WisLAP?


We Listen

Whether it’s for your needs or someone else’s, mental health professionals are available 24/7, 365 days a year to answer your call.


We Keep It Confidential

You can call anonymously, and your call and its contents are confidential (SCR 10:10.05(4)(m)(3)). WisLAP is exempt from reporting misconduct (SCR 20:8.3 (c)).

Hands Clasped 

We Reach Out

If you call because you’re concerned about someone else, we’ll reach out to them on your behalf — without identifying you — and start a conversation.

Directional Arrows 

We Provide Options

We can recommend appropriate resources and programs — including support groups, treatment programs, or our network of 150+ trained attorney peer volunteers. You are not obligated to continue working with us, or take our advice.

Speech Bubbles 

We Consult

If you want to be the one to have a difficult conversation with an attorney or colleague, but you’re unsure about the best approach, we’ll advise you on how to help.

Puzzle Pieces 

We Put It All Together

If you or someone you know is struggling with something that is negatively impacting quality of life and the practice of law, we can help turn things around.

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WisLAP is exempt from reporting professional misconduct to the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 20:8.3(c)(2) and to the Judicial Commission under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 60.04(3). WisLAP​ does not require callers to disclose their identity and does not keep any case records.​

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