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Practice and Legal Forms

Wisconsin practice forms

  • State Bar of Wisconsin Fillable Forms Bank: The Fillable Forms Bank incorporates hundreds of forms, sample language documents, and checklists generated from our quality PINNACLE Books, organized into 4 practice area libraries.
  • Client trust account forms: There are two forms that you'll need to complete for each new IOLTA trust account. The forms can be obtained from the Office of Lawyer Regulation. For more information on the IOLTA program, please see SCR 13. For information on safekeeping of property, see SCR 20:1.15PDF 244 KB
  • Fee Agreements and other Sample forms: Sample fee agreement, end of representation and other forms provided by the State Bar of Wisconsin Ethics program.
  • Limited Liability Legal Practice Registration Form: In order for a lawyer or a law firm to be recognized as a Limited Liability Organization under SCR 20:5.7, an annual registration form must be filed with the State Bar of Wisconsin. To help our users in this process, the form is now available for download on WisBar with complete instructions.
  • Real estate forms: More than 20 real estate forms developed by the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section and enhanced by State Bar PINNACLE Books are available in four formats.
  • Wisconsin State Law Library: Links to Wisconsin circuit, municipal, county court, and state agency; federal court and agency forms; and practice forms by topic.

Wisconsin court forms

Wisconsin state agency forms

  • Business Forms​: This page consolidates links to state of Wisconsin business-related forms. Includes forms for business organization, taxes, unemployment insurance, and worker's compensation. Site also features a business "wizard," an online program that uses a simple question and answer format to identify permit, license, tax, and employment requirements specific to the user's business.
  • Employment-related Forms: The Department of Workforce Development has a useful Internet forms repository, which allows for sorting forms by form number, title, division, revision date, and other criteria. Forms provide purpose descriptions and contact information for questions about content. Topics include employment, housing, and public accommodation discrimination; equal rights; family or medical leave; labor standards; medical release authorization; unemployment insurance; and worker's compensation. Some forms are available in Spanish.
  • Financial Forms: The Department of Financial Institutions Web site provides domestic and foreign corporate forms (including those for nonprofits, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies), banking applications, corporation forms, credit union applications, mortgage banking and brokering applications, savings institutions applications, securities and franchise applications, UCC forms, and Wisconsin consumer act registration forms. Also includes licensed financial services application forms.
  • Health and Family Services Forms: The Department of Health and Family Services site arranges forms in alphabetical lists and allows keyword searching. Some forms are available in Spanish. Topics include adoption, advance directives, background information disclosure, child welfare, community-based residential facilities, corporate guardianship, day care, EMT applications, foster care and foster homes, kinship care, living wills, power of attorney, WIC program, and more.
  • Reporting Unclaimed Property​: The 2016 Wisconsin Holder Report Guide for reporting unclaimed property (cash, securities, safe deposit box contents) to the State Treasury as provided in Chapter 177, Wis. Stats.
  • Tax Forms​: The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides state tax forms and form-specific instructions, in addition to offering online filing.
  • Transportation and Vehicle-related Forms: The Department of Transportation site arranges its forms in broad categories. Topics include aviation, doing business, employment, real estate, and safety and consumer protection.
  • Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association Forms: Forms produced by the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association, including the current HT-110.

Federal court and agency forms

  • Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals: This site provides a few of the forms relevant to practice in the Seventh Circuit, including attorney admission forms and disclosure statements.
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Courts: Official bankruptcy forms for the federal bankruptcy courts, including the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin.
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin: Includes attorney admission forms, civil forms, forms for commencing an action in the U.S. District Court-Eastern District of Wisconsin, subpoenas, and pro se forms.​
  • Western District of Wisconsin: Includes attorney admission forms, forms for commencing an action in the U.S. District Court-Western District of Wisconsin, subpoenas, and appeal forms.
  • Wisconsin State Law Library: Links to Wisconsin circuit, municipal, county court, and state agency; federal court and agency forms; and practice forms by topic.
  •​: The U.S. Government's official site for federal forms.
  • FindLaw Court Forms: Links to federal and all state forms.


Materials and links on these pages are intended to provide only guidance and are not legal authority. Some information is from jurisdictions other than Wisconsin and references the law of other jurisdictions. Lawyers using these materials must conform their practices to the law of the appropriate jurisdiction.