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Ready.Set.Practice. Mentor Application Form

​​Thank you for your interest in advancing Wisconsin's legal profession! Your participation will greatly benefit new Wisconsin lawyers who are joining our profession.

The objectives of the mentoring program can be viewed broadly as promoting pride in the profession; excellence in service; and strong relationships with the Bar, clients, and the public through teaching new lawyers core values and ideals of the legal profession.

If you would like to serve as a Mentor in the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentoring Program, please submit the information below by October 15, 2023.

Section I. Basic Information

*What are your pronouns? This helps us understand the best way to address you:
*State Bar of Wisconsin ID:
*Law Firm Name/Court/Employer:
*Address 1:
*Address 2:
*Email Address:

Check here if we may use e-mail as our primary means of communication with you.

Other jurisdictions where you are licensed:

Section II. Mentor Requirements

I am an attorney actively licensed in Wisconsin and in good standing.

I have been admitted to practice law for at least six years (in Wisconsin or elsewhere).

I have never been suspended or disbarred from the practice of law in any jurisdiction.

I have never surrendered my license to practice law for the purpose of disposing of a pending disciplinary proceeding in any jurisdiction.

I have never been sanctioned by a government authority in the five years preceding this application.
“Sanctioned by a governing authority” includes receiving any form of discipline, public or private, from an attorney regulatory or licensing authority, being held in contempt of court for conduct in connection with a legal proceeding, or being fined or monetarily sanctioned by a court for rule violations or conduct before the court or within the scope of a legal proceeding.)

I have malpractice insurance.

I don’t have malpractice insurance because I am not in private practice.

Section III. Career Involvement

Years of Practice:
*Current practice areas or any past work experience that you feel you can advise on:
State Bar of Wisconsin Section Membership:
The State Bar of Wisconsin is committed to Diversity and Inclusion by striving for understanding and commitment to diversity, the elimination of artificial barriers to opportunities; and the advancement of the universal desire of all members to optimize their potential for success. Please share how you have been affected by diversity; contributed to diversity; and/or hope to contribute to diversity and inclusion in the future.

Are you willing to serve as a Mentor to a current Wisconsin Law Student?

Please carefully read the following requirements to be a mentor and the limitations of the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentoring Program:

  1. The required qualifications to be a Mentor include the following:
    1. Wisconsin attorney or judge, with an active license, in good standing, and engaged in the practice of law; or retired Wisconsin attorney or judge, who retired from the practice of law in good standing.
    2. Admitted to practice law in Wisconsin for more than five years.
    3. No suspensions or disbarments from the practice of law from any jurisdiction, nor surrender of license to practice law for purpose of disposing of pending disciplinary proceeding in any jurisdiction.
    4. No sanction by a governing authority in the five years preceding application as a Mentor.
    5. No formal disciplinary complaint pending before the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) pursuant to SCR 22, or current participation in a diversion program pursuant to SCR 22.10. An attorney is not disqualified from serving as a Mentor if an investigation was conducted or if there was previous successful completion of participation in a diversion program, and no formal complaint was filed.
  2. The Ready.Set.Practice. Mentoring Program is a professional relationship. It does not contemplate and is not intended to create a formal association or attorney-client relationship between the Mentee and the Mentor. Similarly, for Mentors and Mentees not of the same law firm or office, the Mentor Program does not create an attorney client relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee’s clients; Mentees must ultimately exercise their own independent professional judgment on behalf of their clients.

By electronically signing this application I certify the following:

  1. All of my answers to the questions above are true and accurate;
  2. I have read the foregoing requirements and limitations;
  3. I agree to and understand the terms and as such qualify to be a Mentor in the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentoring Program; and
  4. I agree to participate in a short training session to be familiar with all of the ethical implications involved with participating in the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentoring Program. Training session will be available by webcast for convenience, and details will be provided to Mentor upon selection.

I certify that I have read the foregoing requirements and limitations. I agree to and understand the terms, and I qualify to be a Mentor.