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Ready.Set.Practice. Law Student Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentor Program! Through this program, you will develop a professional relationship with an experienced Wisconsin attorney dedicated to helping you understand the practical aspects of practicing law.

The Ready.Set.Practice. Mentor Program is designed to assist you by:
  • Introducing you to the legal community; 
  • Providing valuable assistance in making the transition from law school to legal practice; Offering the opportunity to learn practical skills needed for the practice of law; 
  • Matching you with an experienced lawyer to turn to with procedural or ethical questions; 
  • Enhancing your competence, reputation, and professionalism; 
  • Expanding your personal network and increasing career satisfaction.

Please submit this application form by October 15, 2023.


Section I. Basic Information

*What are your pronouns? This helps us understand the best way to address you:
*Law School
*Expected Graduation Date:
*Address 1:
Address 2:
*Email Address:

Check here if we may use e-mail as our primary means of communication with you.

Section II. Career Involvement

What is your desired practice area(s)?
Student Organization Membership:

Section III. Program Needs/Desires

Why do you want to be a part of the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentor Program?
What are your career goals and how does this program fit into achieving those goals?

What are you looking for in an attorney adviser? (i.e. practice area, diversity) While we will certainly take your priorities into consideration, we may also recommend an attorney adviser that we feel would be a good fit that may not fit your criteria provided. If you are interested in having a diverse mentor please give us an idea of the type of diversity you are looking for that best meets your needs.

The State Bar of Wisconsin is committed to Diversity and Inclusion by striving for understanding and commitment to diversity, the elimination of artificial barriers to opportunities; and the advancement of the universal desire of all members to optimize their potential for success. Please share how you have been affected by diversity; contributed to diversity; and/or hope to contribute to diversity and inclusion in the future.

Which of the above program needs/desires would you prefer we prioritize in your match? (Ex. practice area, location, identity, goals, etc.)

Please carefully read the following requirements and limitations of the Program:

  1. The following may participate as Mentees:
  2. Enrolled student at a Wisconsin or Minnesota law school.
  • The Ready.Set.Practice. Mentor Program is a professional relationship. It does notcontemplate and is not intended to create a formal association or attorney-client or workproduct relationship between the law student and the attorney adviser . Similarly, forattorney advisers and law students not of the same law firms or office, the programdoes not create an attorney-client relationship between the attorney adviser and the lawstudent’s clients; law students must ultimately exercise their own independentprofessional judgment on behalf of their clients, if applicable.
  • We encourage law students to review training materials made available on theReady.Set.Practice website and to familiarize themselves with the ethical implicationsinvolved with participating in the program. Details will be provided to law studentsupon selection into the program.
  • I certify that I have read the foregoing requirements and limitations. I agree to and understand theterms, and I qualify to be a participating law student.