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Mentoring Plan


The goal of the Mentoring Plan is for the mentee and mentor to consciously consider what they hope to accomplish as participants in the Ready.Set.Practice. Mentoring Program.

The Mentoring Plan Form (below) should be filled out during the initial meeting between the mentor and mentee. The pair should select at least ten (10) activities to complete during the mentoring program – five (5) core curriculum activities and five (5) practice area activities. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to be broad, expansive and creative in how they select the ten activities.

The Mentoring Handbook contains example core curriculum activities and practice area activities.

It is not the expectation that the mentor directly lead each and every experience outlined in the Mentoring Plan. The mentor assures that the mentee gains access to people and professionals that will support the new lawyer’s career goals, and reinforce development of a professional, ethical and competent law practice. Quite frequently, mentees may get more value out of exploring key concepts with someone more directly involved or knowledgeable about that area. For example, in a large firm, understanding of billing practices or trust account management may be handled by the accounting department, with the mentor simply confirming that the topic was addressed.