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Resources for HR Professionals

 It can be hard for employees to leave their personal lives at the door when they come to work. Maybe they’re contemplating a divorce, anticipating a custody battle, or dealing with another serious legal issue and just can’t focus on their job.

So how much time are your employees losing?

According to recent research, people with basic legal issues are spending an average of three hours a week at work dealing with the situation and these matters take, on average, about six weeks to resolve.  In addition, many workers also need to take time off from work to resolve these issues.  Now you’re looking at upwards of 30 hours of time ... and that’s for routine legal issues. Think about how much time you might be losing for something that’s not routine.

Free or low cost HR tools

The State Bar of Wisconsin has resources that allow you to point your employees in the right direction when it comes to these situations; whether it’s general information on common legal topics from the affordable Consumer Pamphlet Series or finding a lawyer through our no-cost Lawyer Referral and Information Service.

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Lawyer Referral And Information Service (LRIS)

LRIS can make referrals to a lawyer who is in good standing with the State Bar of Wisconsin.

  • There is no cost for the actual referral
  • Attorneys participating in LRIS will not charge more than $20 for the first half-hour consultation
  • Available by phone Monday through Friday from 8:10 am  - 5 pm  at (800) 362-9082
  • Search for an attorney 24/7 365 days a year by clicking here
  • Order free brochures for your breakroom by calling (800) 728-7788 and asking for Product Code LRIS189

What services does LRIS provide?

Lawyer Hotline

When just general legal information or an answer to a simple legal question is needed, LRIS will make an appointment for a lawyer to call back, free of charge, within a few days to briefly discuss the question or issue.

Community Referrals

If an attorney is not needed, LRIS will make a referral to another legal service organization, government agency, or community resource that might be able to help with the legal concern.

Consumer Publications

Consumer Pamphlets

For nearly 60 years, the Consumer Pamphlet Series has helped people address their legal worries. Written by Wisconsin lawyers, these regularly updated pamphlets cover 19 legal topics from bankruptcy to buying/selling residential real estate to small claims court.


Sample titles include:

Consumer Handbooks

In addition to the consumer pamphlet series, the State Bar also offers three guides that address end-of-life planning, probate issues, and guardianship responsibilities. Help your employees navigate these common, but highly technical topics with detailed instructions, forms, definitions, and more information.

These guides also make for highly effective brown-bag lunches!

Available in print or electronic versions

To help you develop a complete employee legal resource center, State Bar of Wisconsin consumer pamphlets are available in two formats: print or electronic. You can purchase and display printed pamphlets that address common legal topics or, for a nominal fee per title, license the materials for your intranet.

Develop your employee legal resource center today!