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More Information about IntelLinx

​​We're making it easier for you to be a LRIS panel member!

The new LRIS online portal​ will allow you to more efficiently track your LRIS referrals and manage your membership! 

LRIS Panel members:
It's time to renew your membership!

Paper invoices will not be sent. View renewal instructions here. Renew now though the Intelinx portal. It's easy and quick!

Accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, the portal will allow you to:

  • Get referrals via email
  • Receive automatic case tracking and status reporting
  • Keep track of settlement fees and payments
  • Submit your quarterly reports digitally– no more snail mail!
  • Edit your demographic profile and update your availability to take referrals
  • Renew your LRIS membership and pay online

The portal is powered by IntelLinx – a leader in Lawyer Referral software – and all of the features have been purposefully designed with attorneys’ needs in mind. We’re excited to be able to offer you this new tool!

The portal is great. I really like the way it is organized and how easy it makes it for me to keep track of where we are on these referrals. ~LRIS Panel member

If you have any questions about this new method of tracking LRIS referrals, please don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer referral specialist at 608-257-4666​.


Renewing Membership

  1. Log into your IntelLinx account with your email and password. Note: Haven’t setup your password yet? Use the "Forgot your Password" link to set or change your password.
    Login screen
  2. After logging in, select the "Renew Your Membership Now" option.
    Renewal link
  3. Step through the renewal process:
    1. Contact tab – verify your information is correct. If you have changes to your contact information, you can continue through here. Then after your renewal, go to to update your record or call Customer Service at 608-257-3838 or 800-728-7788. Changes to your profile information can take up to 2 business days to post on IntelLinx.
      Contact tab
    2. Membership tab - choose the Lawyer Referral membership option that you qualify for. New Lawyer options are only available to those recently admitted to the State Bar. All others may choose from either a 1 year or 2 year term. All memberships are validated for accuracy.
      Membership tab
    3. LRIS tab – Validate or make changes in the following 3 areas:
      1. Panels – Validate the panels you are currently enrolled in. Add/Remove any that you wish to change. You’re limited to a max of 60 panels.
      2. E&O Insurance – Please update your insurance through date. All insurance must be current and must be maintained for you to continue to get referrals.
      3. LRIS Filters – Validate additional filter options. Add/Remove any of the filters that apply to your referral status.
        Filter selection
    4. Dues & Payments tab – Complete the final validation and payment pieces:
      1. Verify the enrollment fee being charged for your renewal.
      2. Click on the link to review the LRIS Panel Rules. Check the option to confirm you have read and agree to the rules. You will not be able to proceed without this.
      3. Select your payment type. If you are using a credit card, you will be prompted to enter in your credit card information for immediate payment. Check payments must be mailed in and membership will not start until payment is received.
      4. Enter in additional email address to send your confirmation to (optional).
      5. Click the "Renew Me Now" button to finalize.
        Payment screen
    5. Renewal is complete. You should get an onscreen confirmation of your renewal and an email will be sent to your record and any email addresses you added to receive a confirmation.