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Public Education Publications

The State Bar of Wisconsin offers a variety of popular law-related education resources that provide valuable information to the public, parents, teachers, and teens.

Print publications are available to Wisconsin schools free of charge (plus shipping and handling). For buyers not affiliated with a Wisconsin school, there is a small charge per item (plus shipping and handling). 

You may download the following free resources "The Bill of Rights," "What you should know about Wisconsin Law" and "Teens in the Law." Additionally, you may request hard copies of "Teens and the Law" and "What you should know about Wisconsin Law." "What you should know about Wisconsin Law" is also available in Spanish as a download and free in hardcopy.



The Bill of Rights: An Introduction
The Bill of Rights: An Introduction
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What You Should Know about Wisconsin Law: Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities
What You Should Know about Wisconsin Law: Your Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Download PDF
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Teens in the Law: A Parent's Resource
Teens in the Law: A Parent's Resource
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Wisconsin Resources

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)


DPI provides a number of resources and specialists to explain Wisconsin academic standards; graduation requirements; and policies. Educator resources; information for the public; and information for parents and families can be found on their web site www.dp

Contact Kristen McDaniel, DPI Social Studies Consultant for additional information at

Wisconsin Court System

The Wisconsin Court System has a number of resources and materials available to assist educators in presenting information to students in both didactic and interactive ways. Available resources include materials educators can use in the classroom; programs that educators and students can participate in; and sources for additional information.

For information, visit the Wisconsin Court System web site.

Wisconsin Council on Social Studies (WCSS)

WCSS is a professional organization of social studies teachers. WCSS provides professional development opportunities, publications and services to Wisconsin teachers.

Please visit the Wisconsin Council on Social Studies web site.

Street Law, Inc.

Street Law, Inc. provides practical, participatory information about law and democracy. Street Law offers curricula, professional development and resources for educators, attorneys, juvenile justice professionals and law enforcement professionals.

Additional information is available on their web site.

National Resources

iCivics Program for Middle School Students


Spearheaded by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics is a web-based civics education project that features free lesson plans, interactive modules, and games, all specifically designed to meet national and state education standards.

With these tools, iCivics helps empower middle school students to become knowledgeable civic participants and leaders. Students can even post on the "Talk to the Justice" message board.

Visit iCivics for more information.

High School Curriculum on the Judiciary


The American Judicature Society offers online resources for teachers, lecture notes, discussion questions, and suggested activities and assignments with accompanying handouts and overheads. Public Education Portal

US Supreme Court: Information, Famous Court Cases, and Resources


This web site provides a wealth of information regarding the history, role and function of the Supreme Court. Links to numerous famous court cases are provided as well as a synopsis of the case.

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