Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program

State Bar of Wisconsin

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Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program

CARE Program LogoThe CARE program educates students and adults on the responsible use of credit and other fundamentals of financial literacy. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the potential consequences of poor money management or appreciate the benefit of establishing a good credit history.

The CARE program, created nationally to address this need of educating people on credit, is being established in Wisconsin by the State Bar. The prepared a 40-60 minute CARE presentation will be presented by bankruptcy attorneys to high schools, colleges, and community groups. This program helps individuals better understand: (1) the true cost of consumer credit; (2) how difficult it is to repay consumer debt incurred to buy and do things that may not be necessary or affordable; (3) the many consequences of financial irresponsibility, including bankruptcy; (4) the need to maintain a savings cushion and to budget effectively; and (5) the advantages of a high credit score.

The CARE program provides people with access to volunteer bankruptcy attorneys, who are the front line of the consequences of financial challenges. These attorneys will present a program designed to teach students about the importance of consumer credit responsibility and the consequences that can result if they do not use credit wisely.

To participate in the CARE program, volunteers can come to your location to present. To volunteer to be a presenter or to schedule a presentation for your high school, college, or community group, please visit our website or contact Katie Wilcox at the State Bar of Wisconsin 608-250-6191 or email org PubEdCoordinator wisbar wisbar PubEdCoordinator org. You can also visit the CARE website at


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