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Past State Finalists

Year 1st Place 2nd Place
2016 Shorewood High School Rhinelander High School
2015 Xavier High School Shorewood High School
2014 Rhinelander High School Shorewood High School
2013 Rhinelander High School Brookfield Academy
2012 Xavier High School Shorewood High School
2011 Xavier High School Rhinelander High School
2010 Rhinelander High School Lodi High School
2009 Xavier High School Shorewood High School
2008 Rhinelander High School Shorewood High School
2007 Shorewood High School Rhinelander High School
2006 Rhinelander High School Xavier High School
2005 Rhinelander High School La Crosse Central High School
2004 Rhinelander High School La Crosse Central High School
2003 Rhinelander High School Superior High School
2002 Rhinelander High School Madison West High School
2001 Rhinelander High School Marquette High School
2000 Rhinelander High School Superior High School
1999 Sheboygan South High School Rhinelander High School
1998 Sheboygan South High School Superior High School
1997 Superior High School Rhinelander High School
1996 Rhinelander High School La Crosse Central High School
1995 Superior High School Appleton East High School
1994 Superior High School Sheboygan South High School
1993 Rhinelander High School Superior High School
1992 Appleton High School Madison Memorial High School
1991 Rhinelander High School Xavier High School
1990 Rhinelander High School Superior High School
1989 Rhinelander High School Baraboo High School
1988 Rhinelander High School Superior High School
1987 Superior High School Rhinelander High School
1986 Superior High School  
1985 Green Bay East High School  
1984 Shorewood High School  

Previous Case Materials

2016 Case Information

2016 Case Information (3.5 MB): This case involves a lawsuit filed by the Plaintiff, Sammie Smid, alleging that Officer Robin O’Reilly used excessive force on July 20, 2014. Smid was a homeless 20-year-old sitting on a park bench in Clearwater, when Officer O’Reilly approached. O’Reilly contends that s/he had reason to believe that Smid had committed a crime and might be armed. Smid, who has suffered from a seizure disorder since s/he was three years old, alleges that s/he intended to cooperate with O’Reilly, but began having a seizure, at which point O’Reilly began striking Smid. Smid alleges that s/he suffered serious injuries as a result of O’Reilly’s actions.​

2015 Case Information

2015 Case Information (986 KB): This year’s mock trial case involves third year law students and roommates, Dallas Lawson and Jamie Covington. Lawton was shot and killed by Covington when Lawton was entering the apartment through a bathroom window. Did Covington shoot Lawton in self-defense or was there an ulterior motive?

2014 Case Information

2014 Case Information (305 KB): On the evening of October 5, 2012, Taylor Hamilton, a high school student, drove his/her mother’s Lincoln Town Car with permission. That vehicle struck and injured pedestrian Alex Cooper on Nash Street near Clearwater Regional High School.

Alex now has sued Taylor, his/her parents, and their insurance company. Neither the parents nor any representative of the insurance company were present at the time of the accident. Although they also are defendants, they are included as defendants for purposes of damages and their interests at trial are aligned with Taylor’s interests. The trial has been bifurcated and damages are not at issue in the trial.

2013 Case Information

2013 Case Information (319 KB): This case involves the shooting of Rashawn Anderson on March 11, 2012 in Clearwater, Wisconsin. The State of Wisconsin has charged Leslie St. Peter with attempted first degree homicide in the case, contrary to Wisconsin Statutes sec. 940.01(1)(a) and 939.32. One possible witness to the shooting, Chris Sanders, is dead. The circumstances of his death are not entirely clear.

2012 Case Information

2012 Case Information (292 KB): Details coming soon

2011 Case Information

2011 Case Information (2.0 MB): Developed by the Elder Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin. Students will be challenged to present a case involving siblings struggling over parent assets.

2010 Case Information

2010 Case Materials (284 KB): Alex Winters had been treated for suicide attempts on several occasions. On May 18, 2007, he was discharged from a medical facility and prescribed a course of care. On May 23, 2007, Alex murdered his long-time girlfriend, Jaime Donovan and then took his own life. Did the psychiatrist have a duty to warn the patient's girlfriend of danger when the patient said he wanted to hurt her? Or was it the doctor’s duty to keep the patient's medical information confidential?

2009 Case Information

2009 Case Information (740 KB): The Jones family suffers from various severe medical conditions which they believe are a direct result from contaminants in the environment released by Badger Aeromechanical. Badger's manufacturing plant is located near the Jones' residence. Badger has a history of spills which has resulted in contamination to the creek that runs behind Badger's facility, as well as ground-water. The Jones family is also unhappy with the noxious fumes that Badger Aeromechanical's manufacturing processes generate and claims that such fumes interfere with the use and enjoyment of their property. The Jones have filed claims for negligence, trespass and private nuisance against Badger.

2008 Case Information

2008 Case Information (1.8 MB): Lee Nash was burning trash in the backyard of his summer residence. Sparks from that fire allegedly caused a fire to break out in the nearby State Campground where Larry Lumina was camping. Mr. Lumina was asleep in his tent when he was overcome by the smoke and died. Nash is now charged with homicide by negligent handling of fire.

2007 Case Information

2007 Case Information (160 KB): Thirteen-year-old Reggie Dunlop was struck by a car while crossing a busy road after being dropped off by the school bus driver. Once a promising young soccer player, Reggie's future as a professional soccer player is gone. The driver of the vehicle that struck Reggie admits talking on the cell phone while driving. The school bus driver admits dropping Reggie off in a spot closer to Reggie's home instead of the usual spot. Is either of these drivers responsible for Reggie's injury? Was Reggie at fault? You decide.

2006 Case Information

2006 Case Information (2.3 MB): Thirty-five years have passed since Karleton Armstrong and three co-conspirators detonated the bomb which destroyed Sterling Hall and killed Robert Fassnacht on the UW Madison campus. In this fictitious mock trial, Mr. Armstrong has asked the Governor for a pardon of his conviction for 2nd degree homicide. Has the passage of time changed the way society views Mr. Armstrong's actions? Were there mitigating circumstances which would justify a pardon?

2005 Case Information

2005 Case Information (203 KB): This year's case is a civil trial. The plaintiff, Cort Amour, was allegedly injured by a bartender, Lee Nash, during a night of partying at a local hangout, Michelle's Place. Amour has sued for damages as a result of injuries he/she suffered when the bartender tried to break up a fight. Amour's claim is against Nash for his/her resulting injuries and against Michelle's Place for the negligent hiring, training, and supervision of Nash.

2004 Case Information

2004 Case Information (188 KB): It is Madison, Wisconsin in 1911. Little Annie Lemberger skipped merrily home from school. It was her first day in the second grade and she couldn't wait to show her mother the prize she'd been given. Later on that night, Annie disappeared. Later in the week, Annie's body was found floating in the bay near the foot of Erin Street. Dogskin Johnson said his confession was coerced. Who really murdered little Annie?

2003 Case Information

2003 Case Information (104 KB): On December 13, 2002, Pat Walters was in the hall of Clearwater High School near classroom 107 when s/he was involved in a fight with Carson White. After an investigation, the Clearwater County D.A. charged Carson with battery and disorderly conduct and informed the court of her intent to also use the hate crime statute.

2002 Case Information

2002 Case Information (226 KB): On April 28, 2001 Sean Lawton, Lee Smid and Riff Randall were hanging out in the basement of Sean's house instead of attending the Clearwater High School Senior Prom. Sean's parent was not home and the young people were listening to CDs, drinking some malt liquor, watching movies, and goofing around. At some point in the evening, Sean went upstairs and returned with his/her parent's .357 magnum to show his/her friends. The three friends decided to play Russian roulette. There are conflicting stories as to exactly what happened, however one fact is clear – one young man, Lee Smid, ended up dead with a gunshot wound to his head.