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OnDemand / Webcast Use

How do I access the on-demand education / webcast item I purchased?

Once you have purchased an on-demand or webcast item, you will be able to access the video by going to myStateBar and looking under myMedia. Then click on the event listed in either My Webcasts or My On Demand.

NOTE: OnDemand items may take up to 10 minutes to become available after purchase.

Webcasts / New On demand

Once you click on the title of a video, a window will open that will allow you to pick Video/Audio or Audio online on Media Player (best for PC), or Video/Audio or Audio online on Silverlight (best for Mac), and your Course Materials. Click on your desired connection speed and the screen will refresh with the Webcast. The left side will include the Video and the right side the Powerpoint slides.

What computer requirements are necessary to meet to view an on-demand education / webcast video?

You must have an Internet connection available. We recommend a DSL or faster connection for the best viewing experience. Dialup and Satellite connections may work, but we recommend using DSL or Cable if available.

These videos require that Windows Media Player or Silverlight be installed on your PC. Before purchasing a video, we recommend you test your connection to verify that you can view the On Demand education videos. For the best performance, we recommend you update your player to the most recent version available for your system.

Select videos may include materials from the event. To access these materials you will need to have a current version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

The following hardware and software are required to receive an on-demand / webcast video.




Component Required Recommended
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.  Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
Internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 6+, Chrome, Safari
Media Player Windows Media Player 11 or Silverlight 4
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Reader 6 Latest version of Adobe Reader
Processor A 1.0 gigahertz (GHz) processor, such as an Intel Pentium III or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processor A 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) processor, such as an Intel Pentium III or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processor
Modem Active broadband connection (DSL or Cable)
Satellite connections may work but are not supported.
Monitor SVGA (1024 x 768) resolution or larger





Component Required Recommended
Operating system Mac OS X  Mac OS X 
Internet browser Firefox 6+, Chrome, Safari
Media Player Silverlight 4
Processor Intel
Modem Active broadband connection (DSL or Cable).
Satellite connections may work but are not supported.

The State Bar of Wisconsin strives to provide as much compatibility as technically possible.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical support for Apple Macintosh users; however, we have created a video feed that allows Mac users to view OnDemand / Webcasts. By following the above guidelines, we are confident you will be able to view videos on your computer. If you purchase a video and find that it does not function properly, call Customer Service to request a one-time refund.

What if my computer does not meet the requirements?

We recommend that the computer you access your videos from meets the requirements. This does not mean that you cannot access a video, but you will likely experience slow downs and poor quality video and sound. We cannot support any problems that may result from issues when the requirements are not met.

Sometimes ensuring you have the latest version of the software tools will do this. The following are core software components that we highly recommend be current:

Windows Media Player for Windows can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. Please visit for a listing of available and recommended Window Media Player versions for your particular system.

Adobe Reader can be downloaded directly from Adobe.

If you do not have access to a computer that meets the requirements of on-demand / webcast videos, then the products may not be right for you.

How do I access different segments of the video?

Recent on-demand videos will be chaptered. Simply click on the Chapter you would like to view and the video will skip to that section.

Due to the nature of webcasts being live, you will not be able to access different segments of the video.

How do I rewind or fast forward?

To move forward or back in an on-demand video, use the slider control in the main video player. Depending upon your connection speed, there may be a slight pause before the video begins playing again. We do not recommend using the fast forward or rewind buttons.

Slider control
Slider control

Due to the nature of webcasts being live, you will not be able to rewind or fast forward the video.

Can I access an on-demand education video / webcast from another computer?

You'll be able to access the on-demand / webcasts from any computer that meets the requirements.

The convenience of on-demand education is that you can view your on-demand education video any time of day from any computer that meets the system requirements and has Internet access.

How do I access the course materials for a video?

The materials will be listed on the main video window, below the Video/Audio or Audio Only selections.

Materials will also be located at myStateBar underneath myMedia.

You may also save the materials to your computer for later access or print the materials if you have an available printer on your system.

Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to access course materials.

How do I close zoomed-in slides or full screen video?

To close a zoomed-in slide, click on the slide.

To close the full-screen video, either double click on the video or hit Escape.

Technical Issues

The on-demand education site does not display properly.

On-demand videos / webcasts make use of some modern technologies, and if the site does not load properly it could be that you are not using a modern browser that supports 1) CSS or 2) JavaScript. Additionally, these videos require that you have a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 728 to view the site properly. The higher your monitor resolution, the better your experience with on-demand education will be.

Why do I see an error message about not having JavaScript enabled when I first visit the site?

On-demand videos / Webcasts use AJAX, which is a combination of several techniques that allow us to load pages quickly and make our site more interactive for users. The error message that displays is warning you to enable JavaScript to use the site properly. Although you may be able to use on-demand education without JavaScript enabled, we strongly advise that you enable this feature in your browser so that you can make use of all our features. To enable JavaScript, do one of the following:

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > click the Custom Level button and scroll down to the Scripting options section and enable each option (ActiveX, Active Scripting, Scripting of Java Applets). Click OK to save these settings.


If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Content Tab > click the Enable JavaScript option. Click OK to save the settings.

I have JavaScript enabled but I still can't see the Video Screen.

If you have JavaScript enabled but still cannot see the video or you receive an error, then ensure that you have the correct plugins installed on your computer. If all plugins are installed and enabled, updating to a more recent version may increase performance and compatibility with the site. All plugins are free and easily accessible on the Internet. Read more.

My on-demand / webcast video doesn't seem to load, or all I see is a black box.

Assuming that you have the correct plugins installed, you may need to wait a while for the video to preload. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and your geographic location, the load time can vary. A faster Internet connection (ISDN/T1) will result in greater throughput, allowing you to watch the streams without any lag or buffering delays. However, slow connections will receive buffering delays, including lagging video and stuttering. On a broadband connection, the average wait time before the video starts is 20-30 seconds. If the video does not start after a full two minutes, it is likely that the video may be temporarily offline or broken, in which case please contact Technical Support.

When I click "Watch Now," I get a screen saying my program has not started, even though it has.

This may occur if you've previously clicked "Watch Now" before a program started. Your browser has stored, or cached, the information from that previous visit.

To re-load all the page's information, perform a "hard refresh" on the page (Ctrl+F5 for PC; Shift+Command+R for Mac).

I get an error message saying, "Bad file format or missing codec."

Windows Media Player 11 has an issue with playing files that are longer than 7 hours; all-day webcasts may run longer than 7 hours. Visit to access the hotfix for this problem. You will need to be logged onto your computer as an Administrator to install the hotfix, which may require you to contact your IT department for assistance.

I have the correct plugins installed. Why do I still receive an error message or blank screen?

You may want to try re-installing the plugin as this can sometimes rectify problems with a browser or application failing to recognize that the plugins are installed.

Internet Explorer

Upon installing the latest Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer should be able to immediately play the videos. If it still does not work, try restarting your computer as some drivers require a full re-boot of the system to begin functioning.

If you're using Internet Explorer 7 or higher on Windows Vista, you may be prompted with a security message at the top of the page, asking if you want to allow the Windows Media Player Extension to run. Click on the prompt and select 'Run' to continue.

Internet Explorer 7 on Vista
Internet Explorer 7 on Vista

If further problems exist, please contact Technical Support.


If you are using Mozilla Firefox, try re-installing the latest Windows Media Player, as more recent versions will upgrade your Firefox plugin list and add Windows Media Player support. If Firefox is playing videos in an older version of Windows Media player, reinstalling Windows Media Player will fix this problem. If you still cannot get the videos to work, contact Technical Support.

I have Windows Media Player installed but the video will not play. I have an older version of Windows Media Player installed, which is being used to play streams.

If an older version of Windows Media Player is being used to play streams, you may not be able to watch streams properly and, in some cases, the streams may not work at all. To fix this, you must ensure that you have a recent version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer. If you've successfully installed it on your computer, chances are good that you're most likely using Firefox. Try this tutorial to learn how to check for the necessary plugin, restore it if it's missing, and configure it to work properly.

I'm using Firefox or Google Chrome, and have installed Windows Media Player but am still being told that I don't have Windows Media Player.

You might be missing the plug-in for Firefox and Chrome that is required to play Windows Media content inside the browser. Download the plugin, restart your browser and try to view the webcast/on-demand event again.

If the browser is not accepting that the plugins are installed, try this tutorial to learn how to check for the necessary plugin, restore it if it's missing, and configure it to work properly.

I am using AOL and I am having trouble logging in or viewing the video.

AOL is not a supported browser. We suggest you use Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 to view the Webcasts and OnDemand products.

Fast Forward and Rewind do not function.

These features will not work for a live Webcast.

For on-demand videos, the Fast Forward and Rewind features require high bandwidth. Unfortunately, if you are on dial-up this feature will not be accessible. For similar functionality, we recommend you use the slider control on the main video player.

Slider control
Slider control

Next and Previous feature do not seem to function properly.

These features will not work for a live Webcast.

Within a segment there are actually three or more video clips: Header Clip, Seminar Clip, and Footer Clip. The Next and Previous buttons simply navigate you around those clips; you will not be able to navigate from one segment to the next using the Next and Previous buttons. To navigate segments you must click on the links below "Video Information" in the upper right hand corner of your video window.

I can't hear any sound.

Vista doesn't correctly reconnect speakers and headphones in Media Player. Try closing the Webcast / OnDemand window and re-opening it.

The easiest way to solve any sound issue is to walk through the Windows built in sound Troubleshooter. Follow the instructions below to launch.

IE Users: Click here.
Firefox users: Click Start|Run, type "hcp://help/tshoot/tssound.htm" and hit enter.

My audio sounds like chipmunks are talking.

Several users have reported that the audio sounds like chipmunks are talking. The issue is a result of incompatible codecs for Windows Media Player. Download the most recent version of Windows Media Player and install it. This should reset all your codecs to the updated ones from Windows.

The video was working but now has gone black.

This can occur when the video window has been moved around the screen or when opening documents over the video window. Click on the Video Window and press F5 to refresh it. The page will reload and the video should now work again.

I'm trying to watch a video on a Mac using Windows Media Player, and the player is not responding.

Make sure your version of Flip4Mac is up to date:

  1. Visit this link and click the orange "Download Now" button.
  2. When prompted, select Save.
  3. Once the download is complete, locate the file in your Downloads folder. If the file is not immediately locatable, run a search for the file using the Finder or Spotlight application.
  4. Double-click the MPKG file to extract the DMG file.
  5. Double-click the DMG file to begin the installation process.
  6. Accept the default settings for installation; if your installation includes Silverlight, you may install Silverlight as well.
  7. Once the installation has completed, close out of ALL browser windows and be sure to Quit out of the browser(s).
  8. Re-open the browser and log onto
  9. Launch the presentation again. The player should give some indication that the program is loading; it may take a minute or two for enough of the presentation to buffer before it starts playing.

How do I change my screen resolution?

To change the screen resolution of your computer, right click in an empty portion of the Desktop and select Properties. Depending upon your monitor, you may be able to increase and decrease the screen resolution on the Settings tab.

What if I have a question not covered here?

What if I have a question not covered here?

For questions not covered here, please contact our technical support team.