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The State Bar of Wisconsin provides opportunities for lawyers to work on issues that matter to them and the public they serve. Lawyers throughout the state have the option to join sections of the State Bar, where they can network with other legal professionals, participate in continuing legal education seminars and engage in other professional development opportunities.

In addition to career enhancement, some sections of the State Bar of Wisconsin also discuss public policy initiatives and make recommendations to lawmakers and opinion leaders. Each lobbying section (denoted by the symbol *) is voluntary and operated independently from the State Bar. Views expressed by any section of the State Bar belong to section members and do not represent the views of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Learn more about each section below.

Administrative & Local Government Law

This section publishes a newsletter that provides summaries of noteworthy cases to practitioners. Members also sponsor continuing legal education seminars to ensure that practitioners have the latest knowledge about administrative agencies, commissions and municipal bodies.

Appellate Practice

This section encourages communication and exchange of ideas between attorneys practicing in state and federal appellate courts. Members publish a newsletter to address the latest happenings in the field. Members also sponsor the Appellate Practice Workshop, where participants can hone their skills by arguing an appellate case before appellate judges and experienced practitioners.

*Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Creditors' Rights

This section focuses on bankruptcy, insolvency and creditors' rights. Specifically, members work on developing the law, increasing communication between practitioners, and improving the standards of the profession.

*Business Law

This section brings together members who work in the fields of corporation, banking, partnership, securities, antitrust, trade regulation, commercial law, employer-employee relations, insurance, intellectual property and other areas of business law. Members are focused on developing and improving the law in their areas of expertise.

*Children & the Law

Section members include judges, court commissioners, prosecutors, guardians ad litem, agency attorneys and private practice attorneys who represent various parties including children, parents, and grandparents as well as agencies that serve children.

*Civil Rights & Liberties

This section is made up of individuals who work in the legal fields of Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights. These fields address issues such as:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Religious Liberty
  • Personal Liberty
  • Property
  • Due Process
  • Equal Protection
  • Rights of Women
  • Rights of Minorities
  • Rights of Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities

*Construction & Public Contract Law

This section is made up of attorneys who specialize in construction law and government contracts.

*Criminal Law

This section represents more than 600 judges, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and academics with the purpose of improving the practice of criminal law in Wisconsin and promoting respect and fairness.

*Dispute Resolution

Members are attorneys and judges who promote and develop alternative methods of dispute resolution. Their mission is to encourage lawyers, courts and the public to embrace alternative dispute resolution, which is commonly referred to as ADR. Additionally, members train mediators and arbitrators, and teach lawyers how to serve as advocates in ADR proceedings. The section works to develop standards for the growing profession, and coordinates activities with other ADR organizations. Members also assist practitioners in their pursuit of careers in ADR-related professions.

*Elder Law and Special Needs

Practitioners in this section work to protect the rights of elderly clients and consumers.  Their mission is to develop and improve laws that affect the elderly, and promote high standards of performance and expertise for those who practice in the area.

Environmental Law

This section promotes communication and cooperation among private, public interest, in-house and government attorneys on issues that affect the environment and related law.

*Family Law

This section is made up of approximately 1,100 attorneys, guardians ad litem, family court commissioners, and judges from throughout Wisconsin who have a special interest in family law.  Most members specialize in family law, and work with families involved in separations, divorce, and post-divorce issues. The section also welcomes experts from related fields, such as psychology, counseling, and social work.

*Health Law

This section addresses issues such as health care, bioethics, managed care and risk management.

*Indian Law

This section provides support to attorneys in their relations with any individual, group or other entity that is involved with issues of concern to American Indians.

Intellectual Property and Technology Law

This section is made up of attorneys who specialize in intellectual property law. Members work to keep both intellectual property practitioners and attorneys in other areas up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.

International Practice

This section’s mission is to:

  • promote understanding of and expertise in public and private international law among Wisconsin lawyers and the public
  • monitor and respond to relevant legislative and judicial developments
  • provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among practitioners, academics and law students interested in international law and practice

Labor & Employment Law

This section includes new and experienced attorneys who practice labor and employment law. The section keeps members up-to-date on recent developments in the law. The section also allows members to exchange information and opinions on various labor topics and legal issues in the workplace.


The Litigation Section brings together members who have an interest in civil litigation, insurance law, and tort law.

*Public Interest Law

This section provides a forum for public interest lawyers statewide to discuss and promote public interest issues and concerns. Members are involved in the following areas:

  • Issues affecting low-income and underrepresented persons
  • Government Benefits
  • Consumer Protection
  • Housing
  • Disability Rights
  • Elder Law
  • Access to Health Care
  • Constitutional/Civil Rights
  • Environmental Justice
  • Fair Employment/Labor
  • Women's Rights
  • Reproductive Health Care

Public Utilities

This section is made up of attorneys who work in the field of energy, water, and telecommunications law and regulation. The section presents statewide programs on energy and telecommunications law, monitors developments in the field, and sponsors continuing legal education programs for practitioners.

*Real Property, Probate & Trust Law

This section develops and recommends changes to laws pertaining to issues in real property, trusts and probate matters.

Solo Small Firm & General Practice

This section’s central purpose is to enhance the quality of practice for the solo and small firm lawyer, as well as the lawyer who has interests beyond the bounds of a single professional practice area.

Sports & Entertainment Law

This section brings together attorneys with interests in the growing field of professional and amateur sports, recreation and entertainment law.

*Taxation Law

This section provides information on federal and state tax issues that directly affect practitioners in Wisconsin.