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State Bar Divisions

The State Bar offers its members the opportunity to meet and work with other attorneys who share important characteristics through participation in the Bar's four divisions. Unlike sections, which focus on specific professional areas or legal issues, divisions are organized under broad categories that reflect the location and experience of Bar members.

Government Lawyers Division

The Government Lawyers Division addresses the concerns of government-employed attorneys. There is no fee to join the Government Lawyers Division. Members of the GLD include state attorneys, state public defenders, state prosecutors, corporation counsel, family court commissioners, city attorneys, United States attorneys, and others. The division provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among government attorneys and aims to foster communication and cooperation between government and private practice lawyers. The division publishes a newsletter to keep members informed of division activities and developments in the practice of government law.

The division also provides for the active participation of publicly employed lawyers in the governance of the State Bar. Any voting member of the State Bar who receives a salary from any unit of government and who enrolls in the division is a member of the division. The division shall be governed by bylaws not inconsistent with State Bar rules and bylaws. The bylaws and any amendments become effective upon approval of the board of governors of the State Bar. SCR 10.05 (4) (i).

Membership in the Government Lawyers Division is complimentary and must be requested by the government lawyer.

Nonresident Lawyers Division

The Nonresident Lawyers Division helps nonresident members maintain their ties with Wisconsin. The division promotes greater communication and business opportunities among nonresidents, and it organizes and oversees the growing network of local State Bar chapters across the United States. It publishes a membership directory listing areas of practice and a newsletter.

The division provides nonresident members opportunities for participation in the governance of the State Bar. It elects five governors to the Board of Governors, and it makes reports and recommendations to the Board. The division also provides information to Wisconsin Supreme Court boards, such as the Board of Bar Examiners, regarding CLE issues unique to nonresident members. Lawyers who reside out of state are automatically enrolled in the division.

Membership in the Nonresident and Young Lawyers Divisions is complimentary and automatic if you qualify.

Young Lawyers Division

The State Bar of Wisconsin Young Lawyers Division (YLD) encourages division members to be leaders in the profession and their communities. The YLD is committed to providing leadership training and networking opportunities to its members and encourages its members to become active in the State Bar, their local bar associations and in the communities where they work and live.

Membership in the Young Lawyers Divisions is complimentary and automatic if you qualify.

Senior Lawyers Division

The Senior Lawyers Division (SLD) focuses on activities and content specifically designed to serve the needs and interests of senior lawyers. We help members stay connected with the State Bar of Wisconsin and with each other.

Every member of the State Bar of Wisconsin who is 60 years old or older is eligible for membership in the Senior Lawyers Division. The Senior Lawyers Division charges annual dues.