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Wisconsin Integrated Bar Lawsuits

(The information here is being provided for information purposes only and is not all-inclusive of filings in the cases. All documents are available through the Federal PACER system.)

Statement of the State Bar of Wisconsin: “The Board of Governors of the State Bar of Wisconsin voted to defend the authority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to regulate the profession of law in Wisconsin as an integrated Bar association, a form of association that the Court most recently affirmed in 2019. The State Bar of Wisconsin brings together Wisconsin legal practitioners in an organized bar association to enhance the regulation of the legal profession, improve the quality of legal services, engage in the development of the​ law, ensure a well-qualified community of lawyers, and educate the public on their rights. With intention, we protect people who seek to avail themselves of the legal process.”

Jarchow v. State Bar of WI, et al

3:19-cv-00266 Filed 4/8/2019

On April 8, 2019, two members of the State Bar of Wisconsin filed suit in federal district court in the Western District of Wisconsin.