Viet-Hanh Nguyen Winchell

State Bar of Wisconsin

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Viet-Hanh Nguyen Winchell

Nonresident Lawyers Division
Candidate for President-elect

Viet-Hanh Nguyen Winchell

Woods & Thompson PA, Minneapolis, Minn.
Email: com viet-hanh woodsandthompson woodsandthompson viet-hanh com


With a large percentage of members being nonresidents, it is critical to have peer support groups, such as the Wisconsin NRLD. As President-elect, I will continue the efforts of the NRLD in enhancing communication and increasing the opportunities for the nonresident membership. Nonresident members should be able to find the State Bar resources just as valuable as resident members.

I am currently a board member of the NRLD. In the past year as a board member of the NRLD, I was involved with the communications division. One of our main focuses has been maintaining membership interest and involvement. We have encouraged the various chapter presidents to reach out to nonresident members in their area and have reported the various events in our newsletter, BackHome. It is also an ongoing project to determine ways to more effectively use our social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Other than my involvement with the NRLD, I am actively involved in various attorney associations as well as community services in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Last year, I was selected to attend the Leadership Development Summit and as a result of that experience, President Robert Gagan has appointed me to the Leadership Development Committee. I am also the Vice President of the Washington County Bar Association-Minnesota, an outreach committee member of Minnesota Asian Pacific Bar Association, and a volunteer attorney for the Children’s Law Center and Tubman Center Safety Project. Beyond the legal profession, I am volunteer speaker with the Open Doors Program, a motivational program for inner city students, sponsored by the United States District Court-Minnesota; and I am a running sponsor, through a nonprofit organization, for a two-year-old girl with Tay Sachs disease.

My involvement with the legal profession and the community shows my dedication to helping facilitate better connections and involvement. To reiterate, as President-elect, I am committed to determine ways to more effectively address the interests of the Bar’s nonresident members and to continue to make this division a useful resource.​

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