Miriam Horwitz

State Bar of Wisconsin

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Government Lawyers Division
Candidate for President-elect

Miriam Horwitz

Milwaukee City Attorneys Office, Milwaukee


Miriam R. Horwitz has been an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Milwaukee since January 2000. Her practice is primarily litigation with an emphasis on employment law and civil rights. Ms. Horwitz is a graduate of Northwestern University (BA) and Northeastern University (JD). Prior to her current appointment as an Assistant City Attorney, Ms. Horwitz was in private practice as a partner in the firm of Zubrensky, Padden, Horwitz & Weir, primarily representing labor unions and individual plaintiffs in matters of labor law, employment law, workers compensation and personal injury. Ms. Horwitz has been on the Board of the Government Lawyers Division since 2009 and serves on the continuing legal education committee. Ms. Horwitz is also the current president of the Association of Municipal Attorneys of Milwaukee, a professional labor organization representing the Assistant City Attorneys for the City of Milwaukee.