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Justice Breaking Point

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​​Overworked and u​nderstaffed, Wisconsin's criminal justice system is facing a breaking point that has been long in the making. Elected District Attorney vacancies are now occurring with alarming frequency, and District Attorney offices across the state are experiencing staff shortages as salaries have not kept pace with the employment market. The same issues are plaguing defenders, with State Public Defender Kelli Thompson indicating her agency is down 20% of attorney employees, particularly in rural counties wh​ere the SPD struggles to fill vacancies. Legislators must increase funding for the criminal justice system in the upcoming biennial budget.​

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5/16Wisconsin lawmakers propose raises for public defenders, prosecutorsCh. 3000 (AP Story)
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5/16Prosecutors, public defenders would receive raises under measure passed by Legislature's budget panelWisconsin Public Radio
5/16Pay Hike for Employees of Wisconsin’s Court SystemWSAU – 95.1FM; WIXX 101
5/16Public defenders and prosecutors in Wisconsin are one step closer to seeing a bump in paySpectrum 1 News

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