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Our Culture

Caring, Committed, Collaborative


We all work together to create a culture of caring, committed and collaboratives professionals. We believe in equity and inclusion, teamwork, excellence, empowerment, and ownership. We are passionate about the mission of the organization and take pride in providing our members with the support, tools and education they need to be successful in their practice.

Our employees describe the work environment as "friendly, welcoming, supportive, flexible, genuine, thoughtful, inclusive, professional and encouraging." We work together in an environment that fosters continuous learning and improvement, along with professional growth. 

We value our people and and their well-being. We know that work is just one piece of our lives and we strive for balance and flexibility. Finally, we are passionate about the vision and the values of the State Bar so that we can provide high-quality services to the legal community.

Our Vision

Our members are the respected guardians of the dignity and integrity of the rule of law within a fair and accessible justice system.

Our Mission

We support our members in a dynamic and diverse society in delivering valued professional services, promoting access to justice and pursuing professional satisfaction.​